When Your Boss Makes it Clear He Fancies You…

Here’s another excerpt from my mm romance, Hard Lessons.

It took Jake a while to find the dining room that evening. It was in the old part of the house on the ground floor and was surprisingly cozy, compared to some of the other rooms he had wandered through. A long, robust wooden table, which looked like it had been carved straight from one of the oak trees lining the driveway, took up much of the space, and an equally sturdy looking sideboard was laid with numerous serving bowls and dishes. The room was filled with a delicious meaty smell.

“Hello there!” greeted Nathan, who was sitting at the head of the table. “Come and sit down. Would you like a glass of wine?”

“It is Friday night, after all,” chirped Alice, who was sitting just to Nathan’s right. She seemed to have defrosted since that afternoon and offered Jake a wide grin.

After a moment’s dithering, Jake took the seat directly opposite Alice. When he scanned the table, he saw it was the only empty seat with a place setting and there would be no one else joining them. All this food for three people? he thought.

“Red okay?” asked Nathan, gesturing to the open bottle of wine on the table between them.

“Yes, fine,” said Jake.

“It’s a good one,” said Alice, and her tone suggested Jake should be grateful. Maybe she hadn’t totally thawed after all.

“So, just help yourself to food whenever you’re ready,” said Nathan. “We like to keep it casual here, no standing on ceremony. We just employ a chef, a gardener and a team of cleaners who come in once a week. This isn’t Brideshead Revisited. You don’t have to worry about a valet walking into your room and catching you naked.”

“Nathan!” squealed Alice.

Jake blushed, not missing the reference to their earlier encounter. Nathan slipped Jake a secret wink and took a swig of wine.

“Well, I’m ready to eat,” Nathan said, standing.

As Nathan helped himself to dinner, Jake couldn’t help but admire him. He had changed out of his suit into a nicely fitted pair of jeans and a Polo shirt, which showed off every muscle of his broad back and shoulders. The jeans did a great job of displaying his full, manly arse too, which flexed as Nathan made his way along the sideboard.

“Shall we?” asked Alice, and Jake realized she was watching him intently with her eyebrows slightly raised.

“Oh, yes,” said Jake, standing. “I’m starving. I didn’t eat on the train.”

Jake made a mental note to stop lusting after his new boss. He was here to get away from romance, not find it. But it wasn’t easy when the boss was so bloody hot and giving definite signals that he was into him.

During dinner, which was a delicious lamb shank with creamy mashed potato and asparagus, conversation flowed quite naturally, with Nathan asking Jake questions about his life in London. Alice chipped in every now and then, but seemed more intent on drinking the wine than finding out about Jake. Nathan topped up Jake’s glass several times, and by nine-thirty, Jake was feeling warm and relaxed. As he sank a little lower in his chair, he felt Nathan’s knee rest against his. Nathan was saying something to Alice about a project he was working on, but as he spoke to his sister, he began to raise and lower his knee, deliberately brushing Jake’s leg.

Jake’s heart began to pound. He was tempted just to go with it, return the pressure and enjoy a moment of secret intimacy with this gorgeous man. But it was too much and way too soon. In some ways, it was a bit insulting.

He’d come here to do a job, after all, not be a sexual plaything. With all the willpower he could muster, Jake stood. Nathan looked at him, surprised.

“I’m going to get an early night,” he said. “It’s been a long day. Thanks for the lovely meal.”

“Sleep well,” said Alice.

“It’s early,” said Nathan, his gaze resting on Jake’s face, imploring him to stay. “And you don’t have to work tomorrow. I’m free too. I could drive you into the nearest village if you like. We can get some lunch. Talk about how the lessons are going to work.”

“That sounds great,” said Jake. “But I will head up. See you both tomorrow.”

“Good night, Jake,” said Nathan, his gaze never faltering.

Jake turned and hurried from the room before he had the chance to change his mind and enjoy a long, drunken evening with Nathan. He had a good idea where an evening like that would lead and he wasn’t ready for it. Although, as he headed for his room, he thought of Nathan’s stunning eyes and muscular body, the man’s black hair and deep voice, and he wasn’t sure how long he could resist if his boss persevered in his seduction.

When he woke a few hours later, Jake was sure he could hear screaming. It was a woman’s voice and she seemed to be calling out a name. It must be Alice, crying out in her sleep. It was a tortured, dismal sound, and even when it stopped, Jake could still hear it in his head as he struggled to get back to sleep.

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An Intense Snippet from The Black Mask

So, don’t read this if you’re not into hot gay sex…with superheroes.

Eventually it’s The Black Mask who can’t stand waiting any longer and he pushes down on the hem of his skintight trousers so his dick bounces free. It’s easily ten inches long, circumcised and streaked with veins.

It hits my face with a satisfying slap, and I wrap my lips around the wide bell-end, slurping at it like a hungry animal. He moans and rests a hand on top of my head, urging me to take it deeper.

I swallow as much as I can without gagging, feeling the cockhead nudge my throat and tasting the pre-cum that leaks from it to coat my tongue. I pull back slowly, relishing the way his cock fills my mouth, feeling every vein as my lips pass over the hot shaft. He is moaning and thrusting his crotch back and forward.

If this is the superhero I created, he has the strength of five men, which makes his tenderness even more of a turn-on. I picture him fighting criminals, slamming them against walls, punching them unconscious, those arm muscles flexing then him leaping over a three-story building, landing in a crouching position, that amazing cock bulging between his tensed thighs. And I take that cock deep into my throat again, letting out a groan of pleasure.

My jaw is aching from the effort of pleasuring him when The Black Mask pulls his dick free of my mouth and sits on the edge of the bed. He kicks off his leather boots and tugs off the lower part of his costume so that he is completely naked from the waist down. I stare longingly at his open thighs, his low-hanging balls, the erect cock pushing into his stomach, and I edge forward on my knees, desperate to smell and taste him again. He stands to climb onto the bed so that he is facing away from me on all fours, his firm, muscular arse thrust backward, inviting me.

If you enjoy reading sexy stuff, please check out my male/male erotic romance novellas The Black Mask and Hard Lessons. They are available direct from the publisher’s website or from Amazon UK and Amazon USA, and other online sellers.

Another Snippet from My MM Romance Hard Lessons

No sex in this little taster, but it gives you a bit more of an insight into Jake’s character.

Jake arrived back at the London flat by eight o’clock that evening. The one-bedroom apartment was set in a converted Victorian house in Islington, and for two years, it had been home. Now, as he turned on the lights and closed the door behind him, Jake felt like a trespasser. It had been Matt’s flat before they’d met, which intensified the feeling that Jake no longer belonged there. Perhaps it was paranoia, but as he walked through the living area, he was sure some of his belongings had been moved to less-visible spots. An armchair he had found in Camden Market seemed to have moved farther into a corner and the view of a painting he had bought from the Affordable Art Fair a year ago was now obscured by a lamp owned by Matt.

Jake opened the bedroom door and froze. Two naked bodies lay across the bed, obviously post lovemaking. One of them was Matt, and Jake assumed the tall, toned black guy with his legs wrapped around Matt’s waist was his new lover. Matt hadn’t expected Jake home

tonight and had obviously taken advantage of having the flat to himself.

Jake backed out of the room, pulling the door closed behind him. He had an overnight bag. He would check in to a cheap hotel if none of his friends could put him up. He heard one of the men stir and padded across the living room to the front door. He wanted to sit somewhere and sob, to release some of the pain he was feeling at being replaced and having to see the intimacy between Matt and the man he’d been replaced by. He heard someone yawn—it sounded like Matt—then he heard a soft moan and the creak of mattress springs. Jake felt like he had been stabbed. He yanked open the apartment door and fled down the stairs to the communal hallway.

Once on the street, he stopped and took several deep breaths. He didn’t want to cry in public. It was good that he’d seen Matt with his new man. It made everything real. Now he would have to move on, and taking the job with Nathan Foley was the first step. Friday couldn’t come soon enough.

As soon as he’d composed himself, Jake took out his mobile phone and scrolled through his contacts. He needed somewhere to stay until he left for Somerset.

His friend Leila took him in with no questions, though he told her everything anyway. She would be perfect company after an experience like Jake had just had. She was the least sentimental person he knew. He grabbed a taxi and headed to her place.

If you enjoy reading sexy stuff, please check out my male/male erotic romance novellas The Black Mask and Hard Lessons. They are available direct from the publisher’s website or from Amazon UK and Amazon USA, and other online sellers.

Meeting the Man in the Mirror

Here’s a sneaky peak at Mirror Man, my forthcoming short read from Pride Publishing.

He swung his legs over the side of the bed, noticing that his cock was semi-erect. He tried to remember what he had been dreaming about. Obviously, something had excited him.

He looked for his dressing gown in the darkness. It should have been hanging on a hook fixed to the door. He stood and padded across the room, thick carpet soft against his bare feet. He thought about the cold kitchen floor and wished he had slippers. 

As he reached the door, he groped for the main light switch, but that too failed to illuminate the room. So, there had definitely been a power cut. He considered just getting back into bed. He didn’t need a glass of water that desperately. But something spurred him on, and he stepped out onto the landing. From here, he could see straight down the stairs into the living room. There was a light glowing down there. Alfie tried to work out where it could be coming from as he descended the stairs, which were drenched in shadows but not completely shrouded in darkness because of the strange illumination coming from the lounge.

When he arrived at the foot of the stairs, he saw immediately where the light originated. The glass of the gilt-framed mirror was glowing like a TV screen, and there was a face staring directly at Alfie.

“Jesus!” Alfie gripped hold of the bannister to steady himself. 

The face that looked out of the mirror was that of a handsome man in his late thirties, maybe early forties, with long dark hair falling around his chiseled features. He fixed his vibrant green eyes on Alfie. For a moment, Alfie just stared back, his mind racing to make sense of what was happening. He was dreaming—that was the obvious explanation—but he’d never had a dream this vivid before. 

As the man in the mirror continued to stare, Alfie became aware of his own nakedness. And, despite his confusion and shock, he grew hard. 

“Alfie,” said the man, and his voice was dark and rich. Alfie recognized it as the voice he’d heard the previous afternoon when he had been dozing in the chair. “Alfie, come closer to the mirror so I can see you better.”

As he spoke, the man seemed to rise up so that not just his face but also most of his body was visible. He was dressed in a highly patterned shirt that was unbuttoned almost to his navel, revealing a smooth, toned chest and stomach. He looked like the hero, or villain, from one of the 1970s horror films Alfie loved so much—although Alfie couldn’t recall any of those characters being as beautiful as this man. His cock stirred as he took a step toward the mirror.

“That’s right,” said the man, “Come closer, close enough for me to smell you.”

Alfie edged closer, stroking his own chest and stomach. This was so vivid. He wanted to climb into the mirror, have the stranger embrace him, kiss him and eventually fuck him.

The man in the mirror unbuttoned his shirt so that his entire upper body was revealed, defined and taut. He too began to stroke himself, his hand resting just above the waistband of his trousers.

“Do you want me to undress?” he asked.

“God, yes,” whispered Alfie.

Slowly the man began to unzip the fly on his gray trousers.This can’t be real, thought Alfie, reaching his hand down to touch his hard-on. And it was as if the thought triggered something. He heard a buzzing in his head, then a rushing sound like wind through a tunnel and the sense of being tugged backward. There was a moment of complete darkness, then he was opening his eyes to a bedroom bathed in early morning sunlight. 

If you want to read more, here’s where you can buy it.



First For Romance

An Excerpt from My Work in Progress

Photo by Vickson Santos on Pexels.com

My next MM romance is going to be a full-length novel, with a supernatural theme. Here’s a snippet.

He hadn’t seen the hot guy from along the corridor since he’d moved in, but he’d thought about him a lot. On his first evening in the new flat he’d stripped naked and lay on the sofa, wanking as he gazed out of the window, thinking about his neighbor in his tight black shorts. Fantasizing about kneeling in front of him, as he stood with his key in the lock to his front door, pulling down those shorts and breathing in the smell of fresh sweat, taking the guy’s thick hard cock into his mouth and swallowing it to the root. He’d come in several powerful gushes before the fantasy could progress any further.

            But as he’d showered the vision of the gorgeous runner had stayed with him, his moody stare, those muscular arms and legs, his pert butt, displayed to perfection in his shorts.

            Toby grew hard and massaged his dick through his jeans. Maybe he should just pop over to the guy’s apartment, introduce himself. It would be the neighborly think to do. But the memory of that hostile gaze made Toby reconsider. Fantasizing was one thing, but that look had not been an inviting one. Somehow this all just made him more attractive and Toby pulled his cock out through his now open fly an began to jerk off. This time he took longer, careful not to come before he had stripped his fantasy lover naked and shed his own clothes. They fucked in the corridor, Toby taking his neighbor from behind, pushing him against the door to his apartment, their bodies pounding against the wood.

            Just as orgasm began to encroach, someone rang the bell to his flat. Toby swore and gripped the base of his cock until orgasm subsided, creeping backwards and taking that wonderful warm feeling with it.

            It was Albert who stood in the corridor, not, as Toby had hoped, his sexy neighbor.

            “I brought you this to say welcome to Darkwater House,” said he old man, holding out a bottle of red wine. “I meant to bring it yesterday, but it was a particularly exciting episode of The Great British Bakeoff and it completely slipped my mind.”

            Toby looked at the bottle, considered refusing it and saying he didn’t really drink, but suddenly the cold glass was clutched in his hand and he was thanking Albert for the kind gesture. He hoped his landlord wouldn’t expect to be invited in to share the offering.

            “Don’t forget to call if there is anything you need,” said Albert. “Did you get the Wifi sorted?”

            “Not yet,” said Toby, “But an engineer is coming tomorrow to fit a router. Reception here is terrible so it will be good to get it up and running.”

            “Jolly good,” said Albert, edging backwards. “Well, enjoy the wine.”

            As Albert walked back towards the lift the door to flat five opened and the handsome runner stepped into the corridor, once again dressed in black shorts and a vest top. Toby hovered in his doorway drinking in the sight of his beautiful neighbor, reliving his fantasy of earlier, aware of the precum leaking through his briefs from the wank that had got cut short. 

            “Good evening, Sean, how are you?” asked Albert as he passed the man.

            So, now Toby had a name—Sean. It suited him. When he next fantasized about him, Toby could murmur that name to himself as he jerked off.

            “Hi,” Sean replied to Albert. “How are you?”

            He had a soft Northern Irish accent and his voice was deep and masculine.

            “Muddling along,” called Albert disappearing around the corner.

            Toby took a deep breath and said: “Hi, I’m your new neighbor.”

            Sean looked in Toby’s direction and nodded, before heading towards the stairs.

            That went well, thought Toby, closing his front door with a sinking heart.

If you enjoy reading sexy stuff, please check out my male/male erotic romance novellas The Black Mask and Hard Lessons. They are available direct from the publisher’s website or from Amazon UK and Amazon USA, and other online sellers.

Sometimes One is Fun – a Sexy Snippet from my MM Romance Hard Lessons

Sometimes a wank is all you need to let off steam, and it can add to the fun when you realise you’ve been watched. Here’s another excerpt form my gay romance novella Hard Lessons, which is officially released today. (1 October 2019)

In his bedroom, he stripped out of his clothes and headed to the bathroom for a shower. Before he turned the water on, he relished the last remnants of Nathan’s scent still clinging to him. And it wasn’t just the smell of his cologne, but his natural musky odor—a sensual, manly aroma that quickly aroused Jake. He stroked his cock until it was fully erect, thinking of Nathan and him lying on the sofa, the taste of Nathan’s dick and the way it had filled his mouth.

Rather than showering, he wandered over to the bedroom window, staring across the fields and wooded hills as he masturbated. He imagined Nathan approaching him from behind, gripping each of his shoulders with his strong hands, pressing his hard cock against Jake’s arse, kissing his neck and whispering his name.

Jake spurted a thick jet of cum over the window. He stood for a while, one hand pressed against the glass, wishing Nathan really was really there. Then he noticed a figure standing in the garden, staring up at him. It was a man with cropped dark hair, dressed for the cold weather in a long gray overcoat. When he realized Jake had seen him, the man turned and hurried away, disappearing around the side of the house.

Jake stepped back from the window. He felt a mix of shame and arousal at having been watched by a stranger as he’d masturbated. It’s not like I did it on purpose. The man hadn’t been there when he’d first stood by the window. He wondered if he should mention to Alice that a stranger was wandering around the grounds, but he decided against it. For all he knew, the man was a friend of the Foleys or maybe one of the cleaning team just taking a walk between jobs. The last thing he wanted was Alice hearing that the new tutor liked to jerk off in front of windows.

Jake headed back to the shower, reminding himself to clean the window before he left his bedroom again.

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It Starts to Get Steamy in the Jeep in my MM Romance Hard Lessons

With Hard Lessons out on general release next Tuesday, here’s a sexy snippet to whet your appetite. Buy link at the end.

“Don’t worry,” said Nathan, “I’m not pulling over so I can take advantage of you. This is the best place to park to get to the beach. We need to cut across this field.”

Jake blushed and let out a nervous laugh.

“If you want to keep our relationship strictly professional, I respect that,” said Nathan, switching off the ignition. “I promise, no more knees rubbing against your leg or inappropriate morning coffees on your bed. From now on, I’m your boss, Mr. Foley, and you’re here to teach me English. Happy with that, Jake?”

Jake looked directly into Nathan’s eyes and all resistance drained out of him.

“No,” he said. “I’m not happy with that.” And he leaned in for a kiss.

Nathan tilted his head back, avoiding Jake’s lips.

“What’s this?” he asked, his old stern expression returning. “Rules changing already?

Then Nathan was caressing both Jake’s thighs, stroking up until his thumbs were tucked around Jake’s balls.

“Shit,” breathed Jake, as Nathan pressed his lips to his. It was like being hit with a Taser. Jake wasn’t sure he could cope with the level of lust and emotion he was feeling.

“Strip for me,” said Nathan, his voice huskier than ever.

“But…” Jake nodded at the road.

“No one comes down this lane,” said Nathan, gently rubbing Jake’s cock through his jeans. “I want to see that gorgeous body of yours again. And I want to see that cock without your hands trying to cover it.”

The Jeep suddenly felt very small and hot. Nathan’s warm breath was on his face, while he massaged Jake’s crotch with his large hands. Jake couldn’t remember when he’d last been this hard. He reached down to unzip his fly, but Nathan grasped his hand.

“Wait,” he said, “you’re right. This is too public. I know where we can go.”

Nathan started the Jeep engine and accelerated with a screech of the tires. Jake fell back in his seat, cock throbbing, heart pounding.

Five minutes later they pulled up outside a cottage set back from the road and surrounded by a high hedge.

“Come on,” said Nathen, sounding breathless as he pushed open his door and headed up the pathway toward the thatched building.

“Where is this?” called Jake, torn between confusion and desperation to continue what had started.

“It belonged to my grandmother,” said Nathan, fishing a set of keys from his jacket pocket and pushing one into the lock of the cottage door. “Now it belongs to me.”

The door was barely open when Nathan caught hold of Jake’s arm and pulled him inside. He held Jake to his chest with one arm, pushing the door closed with his free hand. Jake could feel the man’s heart beating. Then Nathan was strolling across the living room, which the door opened directly onto, and sitting on a sofa next to a large brick fireplace. Just as he did in his office, he sat with his legs wide open and an arm draped around the back of the couch.

“So, am I going to get that striptease now?” he asked, staring straight at Jake.

You can pre-order now direct from the publisher

Or from Amazon UK and USA.

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When Tim Met Sage – An Excerpt From Sage The Immortal

Here’s a quick snippet from my latest male male erotic romance, Sage the Immortal. Buy links at the end.

Sage was standing close to a group of pasty-faced Goths the first time I saw him. I could tell he wasn’t one of them. His face was alert, eyes flitting from one scene to another, drinking everything in with a wry smile. He looked about my age, although even on that first meeting I could tell he was older—I had no idea just how much older. Tasha had gone to buy some art supplies in the West End, so I was wandering alone, otherwise I would have been nudging her and surreptitiously nodding in his direction. He was beautiful. His skin was pale like that of the Goths, but it glowed as if he was standing under a spotlight, and his shoulder- length hair had a rich, glossy tone, not the dirty charcoal color created by a home-dye kit. He wore tight black jeans, a white dress shirt and a long dark coat—pretty standard attire for Camden Market in the 80s, but he wore them well, majestically, like a wealthy lord who’d decided to rough it for a day.

            I actually gasped when I realized he was looking at me. This was the point when I would normally panic, blush and hurry away, only to fantasize later about the sexual encounter that could have been, if I hadn’t behaved like such a coward. But I couldn’t look away. I don’t mean this in a romantic sense, although romance was definitely in the mix, I mean I literally couldn’t look away. And when he smiled and gestured for me to come over, I did.

            Two things struck me about him as I drew close, first his musky, smell. I can’t remember someone’s natural odor turning me on before, but the scent of Sage made my cock stir. Secondly, his lop-sided smile that creased just one cheek and revealed perfect white teeth. His soft, throaty voice also lived up to expectations, and lust churn in my stomach as he said “Hello”.

            We must have swapped names, because by the time he was steering me through the Camden crowds, his hand resting on the small of my back, I was calling him Sage and he was using my name in pretty much every sentence, as if he knew hearing it uttered in his lived-in voice made my heart, and something else swell. I still can’t remember how I went from a shy “hello” to heading to his home—I hadn’t done more than kiss a guy up until that point and that had been a boy at college whose breath smelt of cheese and onion flavored crisps.  I was a late starter when it came to sex. I wasn’t out the closet to anyone other than my sister and a few close female friends.  But here I was being led to a stranger’s home, I assumed for sex, although I don’t think this had been mentioned.

            Sage took me to a basement flat on a road off the main high street. It was squat-like but with a hint of decadence. The musky smell that clung to Sage swamped the space and I grew hard. He led me to a dark room, cluttered with old furniture, including a table and chairs that could have been bought from the market, and a large four-poster bed with curtains so ragged they looked like cobwebs. 

            “You can put your clothes over there,” he said, gesturing towards a faded green armchair, and removing his coat with several small shrugs. 

            “You’re assuming a lot,” I said with a nervous laugh.

            “So, you don’t want sex?” he asked, staring at me with his dark, inquisitive eyes.

            I laughed again and looked at the floor. Sage grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to him.         

            “That is why you’re here, isn’t it?” he said, lips brushing my forehead as he spoke.

            I was torn between melting into his arms and having a full-blown panic attack. 

Sage lifted my chin and kissed me on the lips; it wasn’t a gentle peck, it was forceful, his teeth biting down on my lower lip and tugging. I opened my mouth and his tongue invaded. Mine reacted, but it felt clumsy and fat compared to his. He pulled me towards the bed.

            “Wait!” I was suddenly the cowardly version of myself again. Not able to make this jump from shy virgin to the kind of man that had sex with a stranger.

            “What now?” he asked, and he took hold of my hand and placed in against his bare chest – he’d unbuttoned his shirt to the navel, revealing a slender, toned physique, as pale as his face. His skin was warm, which made me smile. I’d half expected to feel the cold skin of a vampire. He had that quality, and the flat was like something from a Gothic novel. Sage let out a short burst of laughter and dropped my hand. 

            “I’m much more ancient than that,” he said.

            “What?” I stared into those almost black eyes. 

            Sage grinned. “I’m not a vampire. I’m much more than a vampire. In some parts of the world people actually worship me.”

            “Yeah right,” I said. “So, you’re like a god, but you live in a squat in Camden.”

            “I enjoy a bit of squalor every now and again. I like little crawl spaces like this—holes to hide in, and take my conquests,” he kissed my cheek as he said this, and again pulled me towards the bed.

            “No,” I said, and backed away, although part of me was desperate to be naked with this beautiful, strange man. “I’m sorry, it’s too quick. Maybe we could meet tomorrow. Go for coffee or a drink?”

            Sage scowled and flapped his hand in a gesture of dismissal.

            “You look like a man but you are still a baby,” he said.

            I caught sight of myself in a full-length, speckled mirror on the other side of the bed. My short dark hair was clammy with sweat, probably a result of nerves, and my freckled face was burning red. I was also slouching—a habit I had developed when I reached six-foot and wanted to remain invisible. As Sage said, I looked like a man who was still a kid. Scared to make the leap into adulthood.

            “Go,” he said, and flapped his hand again. “I’ll find someone else to keep me company.”

            Despite knowing Sage for less than half an hour, this hurt. I didn’t want him to find someone else. I was actually jealous. But I was also scared and I felt hemmed in and pressured. Embarrassed by the tears that were brimming onto my cheeks, I turned and hurried from the flat.

            I ran through Camden Town, crying with frustration and also anger at the way Sage had dismissed me. Who did he think he was? Acting like he was royalty, when he was just some Camden Goth living in a dump.

            But even then, I knew this wasn’t true. Sage was different. Maybe not the demi-god he pretended to be, but something more than human. Those eyes, that smell and the way he’d captured me so easily. 

            When I reached my sister’s flat, I fell onto the sofa and sobbed. I felt ridiculous. I could have finally lost my virginity to a man who made me hard at first sight. But I’d run away like a frightened child, back to the safety of my sister’s home. I considered returning to the musty-smelling apartment, telling him I was ready, letting him pull me onto the bed and undress me. But I didn’t of course. As always, I sat and pined over what could have been. When Tasha came home, laden down with her new art supplies, I put on a brave face and suggested we get a Chinese take-away. Same old routine.

            I didn’t expect to see Sage again. 

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Meet My Sexy New MM Romance Hero – Sage the Immortal

Just when you thought you had time to cool off before my next release – Sage the Immortal arrives, and he’s a lusty demi-god with a taste for both the sordid and the luxurious.

This one is available exclusive through Amazon – buy links at the end.

When Tim meets Sage in London’s Camden Town one Saturday he can hardly believe the beautiful, dark-eyed man is interested in him. He knows from the outset that Sage isn’t like other men but he has no idea just how different this handsome stranger is.

Sage is, in fact, a 2,000-year-old demi-god, with super powers and a string of exes, one of whom, the gorgeous Justice, shows up at the most inappropriate times.

Tim is drawn into a world of stunning immortals, dangerous relationships and a love affair that will test his patience to the end.

A short, sexy gay erotic romance, perfect for two hours of intense pleasure and intrigue.

Want to know if it all works out for Sage and Tim? Here’s where you can buy Sage The Immortal.

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Mirror Man is Coming Soon – Hope You Will be Too

Here’s the official blurb for my latest male male erotic romance, Mirror Man. It will be available to pre-order from the Pride Publishing website on 5 November and on general release from 17 December.

When Alfie moves to a Victorian cottage in the wilds of the Devon countryside, he’s looking for a fresh start and some solitude. However, soon after moving into his new home, he begins to have vivid dreams about a stunningly handsome stranger, who appears to be trapped inside an antique mirror that hangs on the wall in the living room.

To add to his confusion, Alfie is also visited by his young landlord, who seems to know more about the man in the mirror than he wants to reveal.

Alfie finds himself torn between two men, one who seems like perfect boyfriend material, the other a mystical force of nature, desperate to be freed from his magical prison.

General Release Date: 17th December 2019

If you enjoy reading sexy stuff, please check out my male/male erotic romance novellas The Black Mask and Hard Lessons. They are available direct from the publisher’s website or from Amazon UK and Amazon USA, and other online sellers.

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