A Mysterious Encounter with the Mirror Man

Here’s a sexy snippet from my short novel Mirror Man. I hope it whets your appetite enough, or just gets you wet enough, to buy the whole book!

At first the glass swam with mist—like a scene from one of the cheesy horror films he loved so much—but gradually the fog cleared, revealing the same stunning man, only this time he was naked. He seemed to float toward the glass. Alfie drank in the sight of him—his long, dark hair and piercing green eyes, broad shoulders, perfectly toned chest and flat stomach. It was the physique of a swimmer, lithe and muscular. Hanging between two sculpted thighs was his magnificent cock. Even flaccid it was six inches long and the foreskin rolled back to reveal a gleaming bell-end. He placed his palms against the glass of the mirror and continued to stare.

“Alfie, come closer to the mirror,” he said, his voice as rich and deep as Alfie remembered. Alfie obeyed.

It’s a dream, so why argue?

He wondered why, if it were a dream, his mind didn’t pull the beautiful man through the glass and into the room so that Alfie could run his fingers down the lightly tan perfection of his body and take that thick cock in his hand and, eventually, into his mouth.

Alfie stopped a few feet from the fireplace, transfixed by the vision in the mirror. His own dick was now ironhard and he saw that the man in the mirror’s dick was also growing.

“I want to be with you,” said the man, his voice strangely distant, despite his closeness.

Alfie reached down and began to masturbate, watching the man’s cock swell and stiffen into a stunning eightinch totem.

“You need to break the glass,” said the main, licking his top lip and reaching down to stroke his own cock.

“Why?” asked Alfie.

“To free me!” snapped the man. “Don’t you want me there with you? Inside you? Don’t you want to taste me, smell me, be with me in the flesh?”

As he spoke, the man pressed his engorged length against the glass. Alfie saw the first bubbles of pre-cum forming on the cockhead. Arousal surged through him as he searched the room for something with which to break the mirror, finally grabbing an ornate and heavy candlestick that stood on one side of the mantelpiece. At least he tried to grab it, but his hand passed right through.

What the hell?

Here are the buy links:

Amazon USA

Amazon UK

First for Romance

Pride Publishing

Published by Samuel King

Samuel King is London born and bred, and spent his twenties and thirties hanging out on the London gay scene, mixing with some true characters and even finding romance on a few occasions. Now more likely to be found eating in a nice restaurant on a Saturday night than clubbing, he also enjoys reading across many genres, and watching films—especially old horror films and romantic comedies. His erotic male/male tales are available direct from the Pride Publishing website and most online retailers.

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