Sometimes One is Fun – a Sexy Snippet from my MM Romance Hard Lessons

Sometimes a wank is all you need to let off steam, and it can add to the fun when you realise you’ve been watched. Here’s another excerpt form my gay romance novella Hard Lessons, which is officially released today. (1 October 2019)

In his bedroom, he stripped out of his clothes and headed to the bathroom for a shower. Before he turned the water on, he relished the last remnants of Nathan’s scent still clinging to him. And it wasn’t just the smell of his cologne, but his natural musky odor—a sensual, manly aroma that quickly aroused Jake. He stroked his cock until it was fully erect, thinking of Nathan and him lying on the sofa, the taste of Nathan’s dick and the way it had filled his mouth.

Rather than showering, he wandered over to the bedroom window, staring across the fields and wooded hills as he masturbated. He imagined Nathan approaching him from behind, gripping each of his shoulders with his strong hands, pressing his hard cock against Jake’s arse, kissing his neck and whispering his name.

Jake spurted a thick jet of cum over the window. He stood for a while, one hand pressed against the glass, wishing Nathan really was really there. Then he noticed a figure standing in the garden, staring up at him. It was a man with cropped dark hair, dressed for the cold weather in a long gray overcoat. When he realized Jake had seen him, the man turned and hurried away, disappearing around the side of the house.

Jake stepped back from the window. He felt a mix of shame and arousal at having been watched by a stranger as he’d masturbated. It’s not like I did it on purpose. The man hadn’t been there when he’d first stood by the window. He wondered if he should mention to Alice that a stranger was wandering around the grounds, but he decided against it. For all he knew, the man was a friend of the Foleys or maybe one of the cleaning team just taking a walk between jobs. The last thing he wanted was Alice hearing that the new tutor liked to jerk off in front of windows.

Jake headed back to the shower, reminding himself to clean the window before he left his bedroom again.

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Published by Samuel King

Samuel King is London born and bred, and spent his twenties and thirties hanging out on the London gay scene, mixing with some true characters and even finding romance on a few occasions. Now more likely to be found eating in a nice restaurant on a Saturday night than clubbing, he also enjoys reading across many genres, and watching films—especially old horror films and romantic comedies. His erotic male/male tales are available direct from the Pride Publishing website and most online retailers.

11 thoughts on “Sometimes One is Fun – a Sexy Snippet from my MM Romance Hard Lessons

  1. Fancy the name “Jake” in an erotic gay novel. Love the association with “jack” of course ; The high point for me was when he cut loose and shot his wad on the window, stopping short of opening the window at risk of commanding a cum shower. But of course that was not Jake’s first plan. I personally am more exhibitionist than I am voyeuristic, being more a shy guy. I remember occasions of driving a WI freeway, having taken off my shirt and most of my apparel, save for my stud earring. I recall one middle aged woman who passed me at a fairly high speed, and literally turned her head roundabout to take a good look at me. I loved that.

    Another time I walked the streets of a residential area of the city wherein I resided, and had fun walking with my cock out for a few minutes (when it felt safe 😉 It was around 7 pm and past the busy time of early evening, and I shot my wad in the ditch next to the Animal Hospital. That was fun. (Still, can hardly believe I did that). Samuel, thanks for inspiring me with your erotic adventures, no doubt you will keep my UP.


    1. Hi – good to hear from you. Yes, I’m more exhibitionist too. Love wanking on webcams etc. Nothing like the feeling of being watched by sometimes dozens of viewers as I masturbate and come over myself. Glad you are enjoying the blog posts. I need to write more, I’ve been lazy lately.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. In retrospect, I can’t believe I shared that little story with you. Still, given the fact you’re a “storyteller” aka writer, I thought I’d give it a spin. Best, Ian


      2. I guess I’m exhibitionist, but at the same time, I’m basically a shy guy. You want novel material? Look no further. 🙂


      3. OK, I understand and respect your discretion. I’ll visit there from time to time and who knows, maybe our manhood will meet 🙂 ! Have a great day!


      4. Hi Ian, I am indeed. My short novella Mirror Man is out mid December from Pride Publishing, plus I am working on a full-length novel set in London’s Hampstead. It’s a full-blown romance, with a paranormal twist and lots of sex. x

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  2. OOhie, that gives me much to look forward to. I’ve always enjoyed reading (and in fact, writing). You’ll have so many elements in that upcoming novel set in London, i.e. that I find of great intrigue. That includes the paranormal. Will there be any nephilim hybrids with beautiful long necks? 🙂 (Even as I do up this post, I’m listening to the Art Bell archives on tunein radio)!


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