Howling at the Moon Chapter 2

Chapter Two

By the time he was sitting in the living room in front of an open fire, sipping coffee, Alex had become more rational. Harry, who sat across from him in a similarly comfy armchair, legs stretched in front of him and crossed at the ankles, had not actually made a move, he’d simply brought him the robe, as promised. Everything else had been Alex’s wishful thinking. And as for the stunning young man, who Harry had introduced as Even, his son, what on Earth made Alex think this beautiful creature would be interested in him? He was probably dating some gorgeous local girl.

            “Coffee okay?” asked Sally, who was sitting on a couch a little further from the fire than the two armchairs. Evan was loitering by a large bay window, glaring out at the rain as if it has personally offended him in some way.

            “It’s great thanks,” said Alex, trying not to make his admiration of her son too obvious.

            Sally glanced in her son’s direction. “Evan gets restless when he can’t be outside. He doesn’t like to be penned in. Charlotte, his sister, is the opposite. It’s a job to get her to leave her bedroom.”

            “I was the same when I was a teenager,” said Alex.

            “Oh, Charlotte’s not a teenager,” laughed Sally, She’s twenty-three—four years older than Evan.

            Alex was shocked to discover the most recent object of his desire was so young. He brooded like a teenager, for sure, but his build and the look in those eyes, had suggested someone older.

            “I may go out anyway,” said Even, turning towards them. “See if I can get dad’s car started.”

            “You’ll get drenched,” said his father. “Wait half an hour. If the rain stops you can walk Alex as far as the car and then direct him the rest of the way to the station. If you manage to get the car started without any trouble, you could give him a lift.”

            “Sure,” said Even, and there was something strange in his tone, as if he was questioning the very idea of Alex heading off for the station any time soon.

            When did you develop such an overactive imagination? Alex asked himself. First you think the dad wants to fuck you, now the son is planning to keep you prisoner in the wilds of Devon.

            “Let’s see what the weather is doing in half an hour,” said Harry, without looking at his son.

            Evan shrugged and returned to glaring out the window.

            The living-room door burst open and a young woman with long dark hair, wearing a short floral dress, almost danced into their presence. 

            “Oh!” she ejected on seeing Alex. “A guest!”

            “This is Alex,” said Sally. Did Alex detect a warning lilt in her voice, or was it just his imagination again. “Alex this is our daughter, Charlotte.”

            “Charmed,” said Charlotte, as if impersonating a girl from another era, and she flopped onto the sofa next to her mother, the energy she’d exhibited on entering the room apparently spent.

            “How long is Alex staying for?” asked Charlotte. “Did daddy find him?”

            “Just until the rains stops then he’s going to the station,” said Harry. “He needs to get home to London.”

            “I see.” Charlotte eyed Alex from under her long fringe.

            “I got caught in the rain,” said Alex, wanting to explain why he was wearing a bathrobe.

            “Daddy’s robe suits you,” said Charlotte. “Does it smell of him?”

            Alex floundered to find a suitable answer. The robe did smell of Harry, and despite his affections now being focused on Evan, having the Harry-scented material up against his own skin was a turn-on.

            Jesus, what has happened to me? I’m on heat!

            “Daddy always smells good,” said Charlotte.

            “Come and help me make some sandwiches,” said her mother, practically yanking her from the couch. Charlotte went with several squeals of protest. Alex wondered if she had a condition of some kind. She was not like any twenty-three year-old he’d ever met. And why was she so obsessed with the way her own father smelt?

            “Don’t mind Charlotte,” said Harry. “She is rather eccentric. We’re a bit isolated here and she doesn’t mix with women her own age much.”

            “Not even at work?” asked Alex.

            “She doesn’t have a job,” said Harry. “Apart from doing bit and pieces for me. I own a business, but it practically runs itself these days.”

            Alex was about to enquire further into Harry’s line of work, but a loud crack of thunder, closely followed by a blinding flash of lightning ended the conversation.

            “Oh dear,” said Harry. “Perhaps we should get the spare bed ready.”

            “No,” said Even. “It’s only midday. There’s hours for it to clear up.”

            Alex was hurt that Even so obviously wanted shot of him. Alex would have loved the chance to get to know the surly young man better, even if his family were a little weird.

            Sally bustled back into the room, carrying a tray heaped with sandwiches cut into neat triangles. Charlotte followed with a second tray, this one containing an assortment of cakes and biscuits. They set both trays down on a sturdy, wooden coffee table in front of the sofa.

            “Mother obviously thinks you need feeding up,” said Charlotte, winking at Alex, who wasn’t sure what the comment implied.

            “He’s got a long journey ahead of him,” said Sally, handing Alex a small plate. “Help yourself, Alex. It’s a long old walk to the station, so you’ll need the energy. Your clothes are dry, by the way. Have some sandwiches and then you can pop upstairs and get dressed.”

            “Thanks.” Alex was now even more aware that he was wearing a bathrobe and underpants in a room of fully clothed strangers. “Actually, would it be okay if I got dressed now?”

            “No rush,” said Harry. “Have something to eat first.”

            “Of course,” said Sally. “Come with me. I’ll get them for you.”

            “Let him eat!” snapped Harry, leaning forward and pushing a plate of sandwiches towards Alex. Something flickered in his eyes, like a match flaring into life, only to die within seconds.

            “No problem.” Alex took one of the bread triangles and politely nibbled it. The filling was some kind of meat pate. No-one had asked if he ate meat. What if he’d   been vegetarian?

            Harry watched Alex eat for a moment, licking his lips in a slow, deliberate manner, then plucked a sandwich from the tray and devoured it in two bites.

            Alex was suddenly aware of Even leaning over the table and helping himself to three sandwiches, which he placed on a plate, before returning to his spot by the window. He reminded Alex of an animal, grabbing a piece of the kill and taking it a safe distance away from the pack.

            He must have been aware of Alex watching him and glanced over, resting his gaze on Alex’s face for a moment, before turning back to the window. Alex allowed himself a quick perusal of that beautiful arse, wrapped in tightly clinging denim, before turning to Sally.

            “Thanks for looking after me like this. I didn’t know people like you still existed.”

            Sally smiled. “It’s just a few sandwiches.”

            “Well, I really appreciate it.”

            Another crash of thunder made Alex jump. Harry laughed, his face suddenly lit by the flash of lightning that filled the skies. 

            “Nothing to be scared of,” he said, still grinning. Alex couldn’t remember when he had found someone simultaneously creepy and sexy. A few crumbs had dropped on Alex’s lap. He saw Harry notice them, then lean forward. 

            “Just brush them onto the floor,” said Harry, and to Alex’s amazement, he began to stroke the crumbs from his lap, has large hand blatantly rubbing again Alex’s crotch. Alex just froze and stared at the hand as it continued to brush, now non-existent crumbs, onto the carpet. Surely Sally or one of his children would say something.

            “Anyone want more coffee?” asked Sally, cheerily.

            Finally Harry sat back. “That would be lovely, Darling,” he said, passing over his mug.

            “Alex?” asked Sally.

            Alex looked up at her, his face burning. “What?” 

            “More coffee?” Sally was smiling sweetly, as if her husband hadn’t just stroked the crotch of a stranger in front of her.

            “No thank you,” replied Alex. “I really should get dressed and head off.” But despite his shock and unease, Alex was developing a hard-on. He hoped his aroused state wouldn’t be too obvious.

            “In this weather” laughed Charlotte. “You’ll drown before you get to the end of the drive.”

            “I’d like to get dressed anyway,” said Alex, standing and following Sally to the living-room door, ensuring the robe was covering his semi-erect cock.

            “No problem,” she said. “Your clothes are in the kitchen.”

            He heard Harry chuckling, and was ashamed to admit the sound of his deep laughter and the memory of his hand stroking his cock through the towelling robe made him swell with pleasure. Why hadn’t he slapped Harry’s hand away? And why was he so consumed with attraction for him, when there was something so unpleasant about him? His attraction to the beautiful, surly Even was completely understandable, but why this draw to Harry?

            The kitchen was large and old-fashioned, with a stone floor and a heavy wooden central island, over which hung an assortment of utensils. There was even an ancient-looking hearth, although it didn’t appear to have been used in a long time.

            “Here you go.” Sally handed Alex a pile of warm, dry clothes.

            “Thanks. Where can I change?”

            “You can use the bathroom where you got undressed. Or Evan’s room is next door to the bathroom, if you’d prefer to get changed there. I’m sure he wouldn’t object.”

            “The bathroom would be fine,” said Alex, already heading that way.

            As he reached the top of the stairs, he heard movement below and glanced back to see Evan standing in the hallway looking up at him. He appeared to be on the cusp of saying something, then shook his head and returned to the living-room.

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Howling at the Moon Chapter 1

So, I thought I would share the first chapter of my work in progress, Howling at the Moon. As the title suggests, the story includes a sexy werewolf or two. I may well serialise the entire book here. I’m still deciding on that. If you enjoy it let me know, as any comments could be the deciding factor on whether I publish it here for free, or try and secure a publisher. Anyway, enjoy

Howling at the Moon

Chapter One

The walking holiday had been Dan’s idea. In retrospect, Alex could see it had been a last-ditch attempt to heal their flagging relationship. Although why Dan had imagined walking through muddy fields in torrential rain and hurricane winds would heal anything, was a mystery to Alex. Dan was the one who enjoyed walking. He was stocky and built for all weathers. Alex had a slighter build— people described him as wiry. At times, when they had been walking along a cliff edge near some seaside town in Dorset, he had seriously feared for his life. Striding ahead, Dan had looked solid and stable, but Alex had been sure his own lighter frame was about to be blown over the side of the cliff and plummet to the choppy waters below. 

         The treacherous cliff walk had been two days ago. One day before the massive row which had ended with Dan saying he’d had enough and heading off through the spears of rain, leaving Alex in a wooden bus shelter on the side of a road miles from anywhere. Alex had waited for an hour or so, sure Dan would come back, but he hadn’t. Luckily a bus had eventually arrived and Alex had taken it to the nearest village, somewhere close to the border between Dorset and Devon, comprising a cluster of houses, the pub where Alex had spent the night, and a tiny general store.

         Alex stood gazing out of the window of his basic but cosy room. At least it had stopped raining and the sun was bringing some much-needed cheer to the outside world. He didn’t feel sad that Dan had gone. Alex had known the relationship was over, he’d just been too much of a coward to be the one to end it. Far easier to let Dan do the deed, which he now had, in style. What bothered Alex most was that he was stranded in a village miles from any town, his bank balance when he’d last checked was down to practically nothing and he desperately wanted to be home, in London, curled up on the sofa in his flat, a coffee in one hand and the TV remote in the other. No more walking, no more weather and no more drama. But to get to London, he needed to get to a train station and, according to the landlord of the pub, the nearest station was five miles away and there were no buses until Monday—today was Saturday. He was sure he didn’t have enough money to stay two nights here. He wasn’t even certain he had enough for the train fare to London. He’d walk to the train station and work out the rest from there. Maybe he’d be able to sweet talk a train guard into giving him a free ride.

         As he packed his backpack, pushing in his still damp clothes from yesterday, he caught sight of himself in the mirror fixed to the door of his room. He frowned at the handsome, but dishevelled looking figure. His dark blond hair was a mess, battered by days of wind and rain, and his face, usually lightly tanned and healthy looking, was positively ruddy. You’d never guess this was the face of a man who had made money as a model, gracing the catwalk for some major designers. As soon as he had some money he would book in for a facial and a haircut. Get himself back to his usual well-groomed self, start making more of an effort to get modelling jobs. He experienced a moment of panic at his current jobless state. Unless the inheritance from his Great Aunty Sylvie came through soon, there wouldn’t be a budget for facials—there wouldn’t be a budget for food and rent!

         He hoisted the backpack onto his shoulders, took a deep breath, and headed down to the bar. The first step was to get to the station, he’d worry about the rest once he was on a train heading to London.


Alex had been walking for an hour when the rain returned with a vengeance. It was May, for God’s sake, surely even the U.K. was due some sunshine. He searched the narrow lane for some kind of shelter, pulling up the hood on his waterproof coat and bowing under the pressure of the downpour. To his left a muddy track led uphill, disappearing into woodland. Alex guessed the trees would offer at least some shelter. He trudged up the slope, following the track until he reached the first of the trees, then ducked to his right, taking a few paces into the woods, finally crouching under a gnarled oak tree, hugging his knees to his chest and looking at the sodden ground. This was truly miserable. He wasn’t even sure he was going the right way. The maps app on his phone wasn’t working because of the terrible reception, so he was trying to follow the directions given to him by the pub landlord in a broad West Country accent. 

         He needed to find somewhere to wait out the rain, but he hadn’t passed anything since he’d left the village where he’d spent the night. Why had he come on this bloody walking holiday in the first place? He didn’t even like walking!

         Alex sat bolt upright. Someone else was in the woods and close by. Alex heard footsteps, accompanied by the whispering of tree branches as the unseen person brushed passed them. Alex glanced over his shoulder, squinting in the direction that he thought the sound had come from. For a moment he saw no-one, then suddenly the man stepped into view. He was dressed in a long rain coat and his greying hair was plastered to his head. He had the look and air of an old Hollywood star, a better looking Humphrey Bogart, maybe. At first, he didn’t see Alex crouched by his tree, but as he drew closer, muttering to himself, Alex shifted his position and the resulting sound caused the man to look in his direction.

         “Oh!” the man said with a start. “Look at you!”

         “I was trying to shelter from the rain,” said Alex.      

         “Well, you are sheltering from the rain on private property.” The man rested his hands on his hips and looking down at Alex disapprovingly.

         Alex pulled his most apologetic face. “I didn’t realize.” 

         “There’s a sign at the bottom of the track. It says private property.”

         “I honestly didn’t see it.” Alex stood with a groan. “I’m sorry.”

         The man smiled. “It’s not a problem really. Do you live near here?”

         “No. London. I was on a walking holiday with a friend, but we rowed, so now I’m just walking, trying to get to a train station and get home.”

         “To your family?”         

         It was a strange question, but Alex saw no harm in answering, although he needed to raise his voice to be heard over the drumming of rain on the canopy of leaves above them.

         “I live alone, actually. I don’t really have any family.”

         The man nodded. “Our house is just a short walk away. You might be more comfortable there until the rain stops. I’d offer to give you a lift somewhere, but my car broke down just up the road, which is why I’m also walking in this horrendous weather. Come on!” he strode towards the mud track, not giving Alex time to argue.

         “So, how come you have no family?” asked the man, placing a hand on the small of Alex’s back as they trotted along the track, both bent against the downpour.

         Alex wondered if the invite back to the house was also an invite for something else. The man was handsome, but he was older than anyone Alex had ever slept with. He wasn’t sure he’d be willing to repay the man’s generosity in kind.

         “My parents are alive, but they moved to Spain when I was 20, pretty much as soon as I left home. I don’t hear from them much. My brother hates me, always has. I did have a partner, although we never got serious enough to move in together, and we just split up, so, no family to speak of.”

         The man nodded and pointed ahead. “Nearly there.” 

         His home was a great, rambling cottage, sprawled amongst the trees as if it too had grown from the earth rather than being built.

         “It’s falling apart, but it’s home,” said the strager.

         As they approached, the front door opened and a woman stepped out onto the porch, arms wrapped around her torso, her long white hair billowing in the wind.

         “Where have you been?” she called.

         “Car broke down a mile away,” said Alex’s saviour. “Got caught in this and found a poor, lost stranger on my way back.” He placed an arm around Alex’s shoulder as they stepped under the porch.

         The woman, who was probably in her fifties and extremely pretty, looked Alex up and down with her piercing blue eyes, then smiled. “Quick get inside, I’ll make us some coffee.”

         The hallway was more a narrow passage with several doors opening off either side and a stairway straight ahead. The look was very much traditional country cottage, there were even horseshoes and an assortment of brasses on the walls.

         The woman disappeared beyond the stairs, Alex presumed to the kitchen to make the coffee she had promised. The man was shrugging off his coat and hanging it on a hook just inside the door. He was even more handsome than Alex had first realised. His face was chiselled, the chin covered in stubble which, like the hair on his dead, was a mix of dark brown and grey. His eyes were the colour of stone and when he looked directly at him, Alex couldn’t help but blush. 

         “I’m Harry, by the way,” said the man. “And that was my wife, Sally. Our son and daughter will be around somewhere.”

         “Alex.” Alex held out his hand, which Harry gripped tightly, continuing to clutch it as he spoke.

         “You’ll want to get out of these wet clothes. We can put them in the dryer for you. “

         “I think the clothes in my backpack are probably as wet as the ones I’m wearing.”

         “I have a dressing gown you can wear.” 

         “I’m fine,” said Alex, a little too abruptly.

         Harry look momentarily confused.

         “You’re quite safe,” he said eventually. “I just don’t want you getting ill. Come upstairs to the main bathroom. You can get out of these wet things and then have that coffee. When the rain stops, I’ll walk some of the way to the train station with you.”

         He’s a kind, family man, Alex told himself. His wife is making us coffee and his kids are somewhere in the house. What are you nervous about? And even if he does try it on, would it be such a bad thing? If you’re going to have sex with an older man, you could do a lot worse.

         As if reading his mind, Harry gave a wide, wolfish grin. “Come on, this way,” he said, heading up the stairs. He left a trail of masculine odour behind him, a mix of fresh sweat and cologne.

         As Alex followed Harry up the stairs, he couldn’t help but admire his wide, but firm arse, which stretched the fabric of his grey pinstripe trousers to the max, so that his arse cheeks looked like two boulders either side of a narrow ravine. And that masculine scent wafted from him like vapour. Alex took a deep breath and savoured it. Where had this sudden lust for Harry come from? It was like he’d been bewitched.

         “Here,” said Harry, pushing open a door on the first landing. “Get out of those clothes and I’ll bring you a robe to wear. There’s a clean towel on the chair next to the bath. Dry yourself off before you catch a chill.”

         Alex slipped past Harry into the spacious bathroom, pushing the door closed behind him. He heard Harry’s footsteps cross the bare wooden floorboards and clatter up another flight of stairs.

         After a short hesitation he began to remove his clothes. folding them into a soggy pile on the side of the old-fashioned, claw-footed bath. He stopped at his underpants, even though they were wet too. The rain really had penetrated every layer. As he reached for the towel to dry himself, there came a gentle knock on the door, which opened immediately.

         Harry stood just inside the bathroom, a towelling gown draped over one arm. Alex felt totally exposed standing in a pair of wet and, he realised, completely transparent white briefs, with the handsome older man dressed so smartly, in a crisp white shirt and pressed grey trousers. Heat spreading across his face and neck, Alex had to admit, it wasn’t an unpleasant sensation.

         “I bet that feels better,” said Harry, making no attempt to hand Alex the gown. 

         “It’s a bit cold.”

         “You don’t look cold,” said Harry, glancing at Alex’s crotch, then back to his now scorching face. He took a step forward, his aroma dousing the room like hormonal incense.   “Are you sure you don’t want to take these off too?” he asked, nodding at Alex’s damp underpants. “We can have everything dry in no time.”

         “I…I’m…” Alex stuttered. The thought of stripping the white briefs off and being totally naked in front of Harry was making his stomach churn in the most pleasurable way, but he also felt awkward. The man’s wife was downstairs, and he’d mentioned a son and a daughter.

         “Up to you, of course,” said Harry, closing the gap between them a little more, so that they were only standing around two feet apart.

         Alex gripped the hem of his briefs and began to push them down.

         “Mother says the coffee is ready,” said a deep, gruff voice from the landing. Looking over Harry’s shoulder, Alex saw a stunning young guy staring in at them. His hair was curly and almost black, his eyes an otherworldly turquoise, which Alex had never seen before. He was around six feet tall, with wide shoulders and a broad chest, which even his baggy, white t-shirt couldn’t disguise. His faded blue jeans clung to his long, muscular legs, his feet were bare. He had the build of an American jock and the face of a gothic hero. 

         If this is the son, thought Alex, I’m letting Harry down gently and moving on!

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Cruising on Hampstead Heath

This is an extended version of an old post which seemed to go down well. Bit more detail in this version.

Those of you who follow me on Twitter know I love to walk over Hampstead Heath. It’s such a beautiful place, an oasis of green in the middle of a massive city. But as well as its wholesome side – the dog-walkers, joggers and families having fun – the Heath also has a more seedy reputation.

Tucked away behind Jack Straws Castle – once a pub, now luxury apartments – is the gay cruising area. I’ve only ever been once, many years ago when I was in my mid-twenties. I went on impulse with a guy I knew from a bar in Camden Town. 

The guy was the chef at the bar, which I frequented regularly. I was single at the time and living in a bedsit some twenty-minute walk away. The bar and its assortment of eccentric staff and punters offered more of a draw than my dingy room with its leaking shower.

I’d heard about The Heath, and I was curious. As he drove me there, my companion for the trip suggested that we get each other warned up once we arrived. He was talking about performing oral sex on each other to get us both in the mood. I wasn’t attracted to him really, but I was excited by the whole seamy situation.

It was around midnight when we arrived and the trees and bushes were alive with men having sex. I sucked off my companion as promised, kneeling on the moist, leaf-strewn ground. My heart was banging in my ears, as if to alert the lurking strangers to my presence. My new friend returned the favour, my legs trembling a little as he gorged. And then we split up to see what delights The Heath had to offer.

I’d love to tell you I had an incredible experience, getting sucked off by a gorgeous stranger, or fucked from behind while I hugged a tree, but I actually found the experience disconcerting. 

I didn’t know the etiquette – how you said yes or no to someone. I think if a guy approached that you are not interested in, it’s quite acceptable to just give a vigorous shake of the head or a brusk ‘no’. But I was too polite to reject anyone so rudely. How much easier is it in this age of social media to simply block, or swipe right or left? When the expectant person is standing inches away, it’s harder to be harsh.

My politeness meant that I ended up surrounded by men of all shapes sizes and ages, all groping me and placing my hands on their cocks. I remember one large hairy man grabbing me from behind — my trousers and underpants were round my ancles by this point. I felt the metal loops of a harness dig into my back and smelt his stale sweat. Still I let him play with my dick for a few seconds before pulling away. A stranger kindly warned me about the dangers of pickpockets stealing my wallet, as he pushed my head down towards his crotch.

There was a brief, fairly pleasant interlude of kissing a guy who, in the dark at least, appeared around my age and cute. I remember his penis being disappointingly small, though. And there was a constant crowd around us, making it hard to lose myself in the moment.

Eventually I walked away and called out for the guy that had brought me. Luckily, he was happy to leave with me and drive me home.

For me, my trip to the cruising area of The Heath was a good example of reality not living up to fantasy. I’ve never been tempted to return. But you have to give these things a go, right?

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November 2020 MM Romance Launches

I thought it was time I started giving a shout out to some of my fellow MM romance authors. Here’s what coming out next month.

At All Costs by Simone Anderson

Sometimes the price is too steep.

Riley Hamilton, RJ to his friends, is in New Orleans for a last vacation with his best friends before they each head off to pursue their own career. Riley is destined to work in his family’s company—a position he doesn’t want and can’t refuse. During a night of drinking, an Army veteran he’d fought with earlier in the day saves him from would-be kidnappers, and, in the process, Riley finds his world turned upside down. Riley has always considered himself straight, knowing his family wouldn’t allow anything else. When he finds himself having to pretend to be gay in order to stay alive, he also has to confront the reality of his life.

Kaden Tennison is an intelligence officer tasked with protecting the only son of a wealthy businessman, at all costs. What should be a simple bodyguard assignment turns out to be anything but. Unsure who can be trusted, the pair embark on a cross-country road trip to find out who is after Riley and, more importantly, why. Kaden denies their burgeoning relationship, knowing that at all costs sometimes means the price is simply too steep.

Reader advisory: This book contains scenes of homophobia, references to transphobia, sexual assault and violence.

General Release Date: 10th November 2020



Secret’s Hold by L.M. Somerton

Hiding in plain sight is a risky business—in more ways than one.

Jamie is hiding from the past and sacrificing a lot to do so. After witnessing a murder, he’s on the run from powerful enemies. Taking a job at a rough leather bar, Spikes, is a way to survive off-grid.

Bubba is the bouncer at Spikes who takes a personal interest in protecting Jamie’s very cute behind, but when Jamie runs from the club in panic straight into the path of a van, there’s nothing Bubba can do.

Amnesia puts Jamie at risk, but his returning memories are even more dangerous. Desperate to protect his friends, he puts his life on the line for Bubba—the only person he can rely on to save his neck.

Reader advisory: This book contains a scene of attempted rape. There are also scenes involving abduction, violence, and the forcible administration of drugs.

General Release Date: 17th November 2020



Under His Protection by Cheryl Dragon

A cop protecting his witness… It’s all business until desire becomes stronger than rules or self-control.

Detective Matt Blackburn and addiction counselor Josh Braidshaw first crossed paths at the LGBTQ+ youth shelter where they both volunteered. There was mutual attraction and plenty of flirtation, but Josh’s relationship kept anything from happening beyond that.

The duo is again thrown together when Josh is attacked while witnessing a young boy from the shelter being kidnapped. Matt puts Josh under his personal protection and things heat up, now that both men are free. Josh wants his normal life back and Matt isn’t keen to lose his career by crossing a professional line, but their close quarters and the heat that simmers between them might cause them both to change their priorities.

Reader advisory: This book contains references to drug use and addition, as well as injuries sustained during a kidnapping. There are also scenes of violence.

General Release Date: 24th November 2020



First Full-length Gay Romance Novel Out in September

So, here is the cover art for Darkwater House, my first full-length male/male romance novel. I can’t wait for you to read it. It’s mostly set in Hampstead, close to my beloved Hampstead Heath — the perfect setting for a romantic mystery novel with a hint of the paranormal. There’s also a very hot scene set over the gay cruising area of the heath.

I will let you know when it is available for pre-order!

If you enjoy reading sexy stuff, please check out my male/male erotic romance novellas The Black Mask, Hard Lessons and Mirror Man. They are available direct from the publisher’s website or from Amazon UK and Amazon USA, and other online sellers.

Alfie’s First Encounter with the Sexy Man in the Mirror

What would you do if you discovered a beautiful stranger trapped in a mystic mirror in your new home? Here’s how my MC Alfie responds in my gay erotic romance Mirror Man…

“The face that looked out of the mirror was that of a handsome man in his late thirties, maybe early forties, with long dark hair falling around his chiseled features. He fixed his vibrant green eyes on Alfie. For a moment, Alfie just stared back, his mind racing to make sense of what was happening. He was dreaming—that was the obvious explanation—but he’d never had a dream this vivid before.
As the man in the mirror continued to stare, Alfie became aware of his own nakedness. And, despite his confusion and shock, he grew hard.

“Alfie,” said the man, and his voice was dark and rich. Alfie recognized it as the voice he’d heard the previous afternoon when he’d been dozing in the chair. “Alfie, come closer to the mirror so I can see you better.”

As he spoke, the man seemed to rise up so that not just his face but also most of his body was visible. He was dressed in a highly patterned shirt that was unbuttoned halfway to his navel, revealing a smooth, toned chest and stomach. He looked like the hero, or villain, from one of the 1970s horror films Alfie loved so much—although Alfie couldn’t recall any of those characters being as beautiful as this man. His cock stirred as he took a step toward the mirror.

“That’s right,” said the man, “Come closer, close enough for me to smell you.”
Alfie edged closer, stroking his own chest and stomach. This was so vivid. He wanted to climb into the mirror, have the stranger embrace him, kiss him and eventually fuck him.”

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Who is Your Strangest Celebrity Crush?

What’s your weirdest celebrity crush? The strangest crush I’ve had was on a member of a boy band called Five. Nothing that unusual there you might think, except at the time I was 30 years old and barely even aware of the group. 

I had just split up from a boyfriend after two years when it happened. I had a dream, which is how celebrity crushes often begin for me, that I was dating this boy band member and when I woke up it was there, that crush feeling. I even went out and bought a copy of Smash Hits magazine because there was a poster of the band in that issue. I was like a teenager again.

The only way I can explain it, is that I needed somewhere to focus those romantic feelings that could no longer be directed at my ex. But why this particular celeb? I can’t remember how long it lasted — a few weeks, I think. Once the crush had faded, it was over. I never look at pictures of him now and think, ‘ahh he was my crush’. It all just seemed so ridiculous, even when it was happening.

So, make me feel better, and share your weird celebrity crushes in the comments.

Please check out my male/male erotic romance novellas The Black Mask, Hard Lessons and Mirror Man. They are available direct from the publisher’s website or from Amazon UK and Amazon USA, and other online sellers.

A Blowjob in the Woods

Here’s a sexy snippet from my novella Mirror Man. No mystical men in mirror in this excerpt though, just two hot guys getting horny in a forest.

Ben reached down and took Alfie’s hand, pulling him the rest of the way up the slope. Alfie wished they could continue the walk hand in hand, like lovers. But Ben soon released his grip and Alfie’s hand felt cold.

“You okay?” asked Ben, as if sensing Alfie’s disappointment. He stared straight into Alfie’s eyes. They stood among the trees, just inches from each other. Ben’s breath wafted against his face and the heat of his crotch was so close to his own. Ben took a step closer, and rested his groin against Alfie’s. Warmth flooded Alfie’s stomach and his cock began to stiffen. Ben rested a hand on Alfie’s lower back and pulled him even closer, so that their bodies were pressed together and they were kissing. It began as just pecking but soon became passionate.

Alfie pulled away, breathing heavily.

“Should we go back to the cottage?” he asked, pushing his engorged cock against Ben’s hard bulge.

Ben shook his head, licking his soft lips. “What’s wrong with here?” he asked.

“Really?” Alfie glanced around. They hadn’t seen another soul during their walk, but he was nervous about having sex somewhere so public.

“Don’t be shy,” said Ben with a grin that lit up his handsome face.

“Isn’t it a bit cold?” asked Alfie.

“It won’t feel cold for long,” said Ben, then kissed Alfie again, one hand gripping the back of Alfie’s head, the other slipping under his pullover and T-shirt, stroking his stomach. Alfie moaned with pleasure, returning Ben’s kiss with increased passion. Ben crept his hand to Alfie’s chest, tweaking each nipple in turn and sending a bolt of pleasure through Alfie’s body. The area around each nipple continued to tingle as Ben rolled them between his thumb and finger, teasing them until they were both hard.

Their kissing become more feverish until Ben broke free, running his tongue down the side of Alfie’s neck. Alfie gasped at the feeling of pleasure this new contact gave him, relishing the tingling dampness as Ben tongued a line down to his throat, which he then showered with kisses.

Alfie placed a hand on each of Ben’s tight butt cheeks and pulled him as close as possible so that his hard cock throbbed against Alfie’s. Ben’s dick was huge and Alfie felt as if his was going to explode. With one hand, he cupped Ben’s balls through the denim of his jeans and massaged them until Ben began to moan. Alfie rubbed the long, thick shaft of Ben’s cock. Finally, he unbuttoned Ben’s jeans, pulling his length into the open through the side of his white briefs. It was as big as the bulge had suggested, the skin a little darker than that of the rest of his body. A string of pre-cum connected the cockhead to Ben’s neatly trimmed bush of black hair. Alfie dropped to his knees, licking up the pre-cum then taking the wide bell-end into his mouth, sucking it like a delicious sweet.

“God yes,” groaned Ben, resting a hand on Alfie’s head.

Alfie took the full length of Ben’s cock into his mouth and down his throat. Ben let out another gasp of pleasure as Alfie drew his lips back along the shaft, teasing the glans of his cockhead with his tongue. A trickle of cum pumped out of the slit. Not wanting this experience to be over yet, Alfie released Ben’s cock. Ben gripped thebottom of his shaft to stop any more cum from escaping, clearly tensing with the effort of fighting against his orgasm. He lost the battle and a creamy jet spattered across Alfie’s face, quickly followed by another warm, thick gush. This time, Alfie was ready, opening his mouth and swallowing it all. It felt like honey as it slid down his throat.

“I’m sorry,” said Ben. “I was just so turned on.”

“No problem,” said Alfie, licking Ben’s cock clean and wiping the cum from his own face. He stared up into Ben’s beautiful brown eyes as he licked the sticky liquid from his fingers.

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When Your Flatmate Wants You to See Him Getting Fucked

This is a little snippet from my novella The Black Mask. It doesn’t feature the title character, but it’s still hot! Here we find Charlie, actual the main protagonist in the story, returning home after visiting his editor Sam, to find his flatmate getting fucked on the sofa.

When I get home to my apartment in Camden Town, about fifteen minutes on the Underground from Sam’s office, I walk into the living room to find my roommate, Jules, fucking his boyfriend on the sofa. They are going at it aggressively, Jules with his legs draped over his boyfriend’s shoulder and his new boyfriend—I think his name is John—pounding him so unrelentingly that they don’t even notice me standing in the doorway. Jules is moaning, his long, dark hair spayed across the arm of the sofa and his blond, very buff boyfriend is grunting like an animal.

I think of Sam and wish that was him doing the fucking and me taking his big cock up my arse. I’ve never seen Sam’s cock, obviously, but I’m guessing it’s big. I’m surprised at the power of the rush of lust that sweeps over me. I mean, I’ve always fancied Sam, but suddenly I’m desperate to have him fuck me over his desk. And, as much as it may irritate me, it’s more than lust that’s filling me. There are real feelings bubbling in there too.

I should have stopped visiting Sam the moment I started thinking like this.

Finally, Jules notices me but looks only mildly embarrassed. John also turns to look at me and has the decency to at least blush, although he makes no effort to pull his cock from my roommate’s hole. I hold up a hand.

“Don’t mind me,” I say, crossing the living room to the open-plan kitchen. I grab a bottle of beer from the fridge and continue to my bedroom. As soon as my bedroom door closes, I hear the moaning and grunting recommence. Why they need to do it in the living room, I don’t know. It’s like they just want to rub my nose in the fact that I’m single now and haven’t had sex since I walked in on Jake and Mark doing it doggy style in Jake’s bathroom.

I’d let myself into Jake’s apartment because I’d intended to decorate it with a happy birthday banner and balloons for when he got home from work. It had been his twenty-fifth birthday that day. I’d heard the grunts and sighs coming from the open bathroom as soon as I’d stepped into his hallway. I must have looked such an idiot standing there with a ‘happy birthday’ banner, staring at my soon-to-be-ex boyfriend fucking my soonto-be-ex friend in the shower. They hadn’t even turned the water on. Why fuck in the shower if you aren’t even going to turn the water on?

I take a swig of beer and turn on the small TV that sits on a chest of drawers at the end of my bed. I turn the volume up as high as it will go to try and drown out the sound of my flatmate getting pounded by his admittedly very hot, muscular boyfriend, and I find myself thinking of Sam.

Pretty soon I’m rock-hard again.

If you enjoy reading sexy stuff, please check out my male/male erotic romance novellas The Black Mask, Hard Lessons and Mirror Man. They are available direct from the publisher’s website or from Amazon UK and Amazon USA, and other online sellers.

Will Cam Sex Come into its Own During Lockdown?

I’ve always been a fan of cam sex. (Please note, the guy in the image is not me. I am older and chunkier!) Nothing turns me on more than masturbating for an audience on a site like Cam4, or having some one-to-one fun on sites like dirtyroulette. I get to chat and wank, people are generally friendly, and, ultimately, I get to come. There’s no mess to clear up, other than the mess I make, and no awkward post-sex conversations.

With lockdown in the UK now in week 5 (I think it’s week five, I’m losing track), I wonder how many other single people, living alone are discovering the joys of virtual sex. In fact, I wonder how many couples, separated by lockdown, are experimenting with cam sex for the first time.

What are you experiences of cam sex, and have any of you discovered it as a result of being cooped up during lockdown. Please share your stories in the comments. You can also add me on Snapchat. Username Skingwriter.

If you enjoy reading sexy stuff, please check out my male/male erotic romance novellas The Black Mask, Hard Lessons and Mirror Man. They are available direct from the publisher’s website or from Amazon UK and Amazon USA, and other online sellers.

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