A Blowjob in the Woods

Here’s a sexy snippet from my novella Mirror Man. No mystical men in mirror in this excerpt though, just two hot guys getting horny in a forest.

Ben reached down and took Alfie’s hand, pulling him the rest of the way up the slope. Alfie wished they could continue the walk hand in hand, like lovers. But Ben soon released his grip and Alfie’s hand felt cold.

“You okay?” asked Ben, as if sensing Alfie’s disappointment. He stared straight into Alfie’s eyes. They stood among the trees, just inches from each other. Ben’s breath wafted against his face and the heat of his crotch was so close to his own. Ben took a step closer, and rested his groin against Alfie’s. Warmth flooded Alfie’s stomach and his cock began to stiffen. Ben rested a hand on Alfie’s lower back and pulled him even closer, so that their bodies were pressed together and they were kissing. It began as just pecking but soon became passionate.

Alfie pulled away, breathing heavily.

“Should we go back to the cottage?” he asked, pushing his engorged cock against Ben’s hard bulge.

Ben shook his head, licking his soft lips. “What’s wrong with here?” he asked.

“Really?” Alfie glanced around. They hadn’t seen another soul during their walk, but he was nervous about having sex somewhere so public.

“Don’t be shy,” said Ben with a grin that lit up his handsome face.

“Isn’t it a bit cold?” asked Alfie.

“It won’t feel cold for long,” said Ben, then kissed Alfie again, one hand gripping the back of Alfie’s head, the other slipping under his pullover and T-shirt, stroking his stomach. Alfie moaned with pleasure, returning Ben’s kiss with increased passion. Ben crept his hand to Alfie’s chest, tweaking each nipple in turn and sending a bolt of pleasure through Alfie’s body. The area around each nipple continued to tingle as Ben rolled them between his thumb and finger, teasing them until they were both hard.

Their kissing become more feverish until Ben broke free, running his tongue down the side of Alfie’s neck. Alfie gasped at the feeling of pleasure this new contact gave him, relishing the tingling dampness as Ben tongued a line down to his throat, which he then showered with kisses.

Alfie placed a hand on each of Ben’s tight butt cheeks and pulled him as close as possible so that his hard cock throbbed against Alfie’s. Ben’s dick was huge and Alfie felt as if his was going to explode. With one hand, he cupped Ben’s balls through the denim of his jeans and massaged them until Ben began to moan. Alfie rubbed the long, thick shaft of Ben’s cock. Finally, he unbuttoned Ben’s jeans, pulling his length into the open through the side of his white briefs. It was as big as the bulge had suggested, the skin a little darker than that of the rest of his body. A string of pre-cum connected the cockhead to Ben’s neatly trimmed bush of black hair. Alfie dropped to his knees, licking up the pre-cum then taking the wide bell-end into his mouth, sucking it like a delicious sweet.

“God yes,” groaned Ben, resting a hand on Alfie’s head.

Alfie took the full length of Ben’s cock into his mouth and down his throat. Ben let out another gasp of pleasure as Alfie drew his lips back along the shaft, teasing the glans of his cockhead with his tongue. A trickle of cum pumped out of the slit. Not wanting this experience to be over yet, Alfie released Ben’s cock. Ben gripped thebottom of his shaft to stop any more cum from escaping, clearly tensing with the effort of fighting against his orgasm. He lost the battle and a creamy jet spattered across Alfie’s face, quickly followed by another warm, thick gush. This time, Alfie was ready, opening his mouth and swallowing it all. It felt like honey as it slid down his throat.

“I’m sorry,” said Ben. “I was just so turned on.”

“No problem,” said Alfie, licking Ben’s cock clean and wiping the cum from his own face. He stared up into Ben’s beautiful brown eyes as he licked the sticky liquid from his fingers.

If you enjoy reading sexy stuff, please check out my male/male erotic romance novellas The Black Mask, Hard Lessons and Mirror Man. They are available direct from the publisher’s website or from Amazon UK and Amazon USA, and other online sellers.

When Your Flatmate Wants You to See Him Getting Fucked

This is a little snippet from my novella The Black Mask. It doesn’t feature the title character, but it’s still hot! Here we find Charlie, actual the main protagonist in the story, returning home after visiting his editor Sam, to find his flatmate getting fucked on the sofa.

When I get home to my apartment in Camden Town, about fifteen minutes on the Underground from Sam’s office, I walk into the living room to find my roommate, Jules, fucking his boyfriend on the sofa. They are going at it aggressively, Jules with his legs draped over his boyfriend’s shoulder and his new boyfriend—I think his name is John—pounding him so unrelentingly that they don’t even notice me standing in the doorway. Jules is moaning, his long, dark hair spayed across the arm of the sofa and his blond, very buff boyfriend is grunting like an animal.

I think of Sam and wish that was him doing the fucking and me taking his big cock up my arse. I’ve never seen Sam’s cock, obviously, but I’m guessing it’s big. I’m surprised at the power of the rush of lust that sweeps over me. I mean, I’ve always fancied Sam, but suddenly I’m desperate to have him fuck me over his desk. And, as much as it may irritate me, it’s more than lust that’s filling me. There are real feelings bubbling in there too.

I should have stopped visiting Sam the moment I started thinking like this.

Finally, Jules notices me but looks only mildly embarrassed. John also turns to look at me and has the decency to at least blush, although he makes no effort to pull his cock from my roommate’s hole. I hold up a hand.

“Don’t mind me,” I say, crossing the living room to the open-plan kitchen. I grab a bottle of beer from the fridge and continue to my bedroom. As soon as my bedroom door closes, I hear the moaning and grunting recommence. Why they need to do it in the living room, I don’t know. It’s like they just want to rub my nose in the fact that I’m single now and haven’t had sex since I walked in on Jake and Mark doing it doggy style in Jake’s bathroom.

I’d let myself into Jake’s apartment because I’d intended to decorate it with a happy birthday banner and balloons for when he got home from work. It had been his twenty-fifth birthday that day. I’d heard the grunts and sighs coming from the open bathroom as soon as I’d stepped into his hallway. I must have looked such an idiot standing there with a ‘happy birthday’ banner, staring at my soon-to-be-ex boyfriend fucking my soonto-be-ex friend in the shower. They hadn’t even turned the water on. Why fuck in the shower if you aren’t even going to turn the water on?

I take a swig of beer and turn on the small TV that sits on a chest of drawers at the end of my bed. I turn the volume up as high as it will go to try and drown out the sound of my flatmate getting pounded by his admittedly very hot, muscular boyfriend, and I find myself thinking of Sam.

Pretty soon I’m rock-hard again.

If you enjoy reading sexy stuff, please check out my male/male erotic romance novellas The Black Mask, Hard Lessons and Mirror Man. They are available direct from the publisher’s website or from Amazon UK and Amazon USA, and other online sellers.

Will Cam Sex Come into its Own During Lockdown?

I’ve always been a fan of cam sex. (Please note, the guy in the image is not me. I am older and chunkier!) Nothing turns me on more than masturbating for an audience on a site like Cam4, or having some one-to-one fun on sites like dirtyroulette. I get to chat and wank, people are generally friendly, and, ultimately, I get to come. There’s no mess to clear up, other than the mess I make, and no awkward post-sex conversations.

With lockdown in the UK now in week 5 (I think it’s week five, I’m losing track), I wonder how many other single people, living alone are discovering the joys of virtual sex. In fact, I wonder how many couples, separated by lockdown, are experimenting with cam sex for the first time.

What are you experiences of cam sex, and have any of you discovered it as a result of being cooped up during lockdown. Please share your stories in the comments. You can also add me on Snapchat. Username Skingwriter.

If you enjoy reading sexy stuff, please check out my male/male erotic romance novellas The Black Mask, Hard Lessons and Mirror Man. They are available direct from the publisher’s website or from Amazon UK and Amazon USA, and other online sellers.

A Mysterious Encounter with the Mirror Man

Here’s a sexy snippet from my short novel Mirror Man. I hope it whets your appetite enough, or just gets you wet enough, to buy the whole book!

At first the glass swam with mist—like a scene from one of the cheesy horror films he loved so much—but gradually the fog cleared, revealing the same stunning man, only this time he was naked. He seemed to float toward the glass. Alfie drank in the sight of him—his long, dark hair and piercing green eyes, broad shoulders, perfectly toned chest and flat stomach. It was the physique of a swimmer, lithe and muscular. Hanging between two sculpted thighs was his magnificent cock. Even flaccid it was six inches long and the foreskin rolled back to reveal a gleaming bell-end. He placed his palms against the glass of the mirror and continued to stare.

“Alfie, come closer to the mirror,” he said, his voice as rich and deep as Alfie remembered. Alfie obeyed.

It’s a dream, so why argue?

He wondered why, if it were a dream, his mind didn’t pull the beautiful man through the glass and into the room so that Alfie could run his fingers down the lightly tan perfection of his body and take that thick cock in his hand and, eventually, into his mouth.

Alfie stopped a few feet from the fireplace, transfixed by the vision in the mirror. His own dick was now ironhard and he saw that the man in the mirror’s dick was also growing.

“I want to be with you,” said the man, his voice strangely distant, despite his closeness.

Alfie reached down and began to masturbate, watching the man’s cock swell and stiffen into a stunning eightinch totem.

“You need to break the glass,” said the main, licking his top lip and reaching down to stroke his own cock.

“Why?” asked Alfie.

“To free me!” snapped the man. “Don’t you want me there with you? Inside you? Don’t you want to taste me, smell me, be with me in the flesh?”

As he spoke, the man pressed his engorged length against the glass. Alfie saw the first bubbles of pre-cum forming on the cockhead. Arousal surged through him as he searched the room for something with which to break the mirror, finally grabbing an ornate and heavy candlestick that stood on one side of the mantelpiece. At least he tried to grab it, but his hand passed right through.

What the hell?

Here are the buy links:

Amazon USA

Amazon UK

First for Romance

Pride Publishing

Full-length Gay Romance Coming Soon…

Photo by Vickson Santos on Pexels.com

I’m making good progress with my first full-length gay romance novel, working title Darkwater House. I’ve just passed the 40k words mark, aiming for around 50k. 

The novel is set in Hampstead, close to the Heath and, yes, not far from the famous gay cruising area, which features in one hot scene. There is a paranormal element, plus a murder mystery to solve too. Oh, and a sizzling romance between two very sexy guys.

I’ve enjoyed writing a longer piece. Under another name I have published several longer works and I love the journey, sometimes being surprised by the direction it takes as your characters seem to take over. It’s been fun applying the same techniques to the male/male romance genre, watching my characters grow and their relationship develop through ups and downs. 

I’m hopeful that Darkwater House will find a publisher, but there are no guarentees, but I promise I will get it out there somehow.

Meanwhile you can read a sexy snippet here – this is from the unedited first draft, so it may read differently come publication.

If you enjoy reading sexy stuff, please check out my male/male erotic romance novellas The Black Mask and Hard Lessons. They are available direct from the publisher’s website or from Amazon UK and Amazon USA, and other online sellers.

A Sexy Encounter Over Hampstead Heath

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

A while back I shared my real-life trip to Hampstead Heath’s gay causing area. It wasn’t an erotic high-point for me. My character, Toby, from my work in progress, Darkwater House, has a much better time…

A Snippet from Darkwater House

Toby stumbled as he made his way down the sloping pathway to the Heath extension. He knew the path led to a narrow dirt track between the trees and that if he turned left off of that track he would be in the cruising area. A taxi driver had pointed the path out to him a few years back not long after he’d moved to London.

            “That’s where all the queers go,” the driver had said, “Just behind Jack Straws Castle. Avoid that bit of the Heath unless you want a nasty surprise.”

            Jack Straw’s Castle was an imposing building set on the main road. Up until a few years ago it had been a pub, the one-time hang-out of Charles Dickens, no less. Now it was a block of luxury apartments. 

            Toby reached the mud track and the trees swallowed up the light from the street lamps some two hundred yards behind him. Did he really want to do this? He felt suddenly anxious and pined for his living-room and the comfy sofa. But he pushed any doubts aside and plunged into the woodland to his left. Up ahead he could see shadowy figures milling around the trees and bushes, like ghosts doomed to wander for eternity. Toby pushed that thought from his head too and tried to focus on the pleasure of getting or giving an anonymous blowjob. He’d be home in no time, feeling relieved and relaxed. He’d finish the second bottle of red and fall into bed.

            A shadowy figure approached him, feet crunching through the crisp leaves on the ground. As the stranger drew close, Toby saw that he was in his fifties at least, face doughy and red. The man reached out and cupped Toby’s balls.

            “No,” barked Toby, and the man walked on without comment.

            Others were approaching from all sides now, shadow men of all shapes and sizes, drawn to this new, young arrival. Toby began to panic, slipping between the nearest two and delving deeper into the woodland.

            Another man brushed past him, looking back at Toby over his shoulder and nodding. Toby could just about make out a clean-shaven face high forehead and short dark hair. From behind the guy looked stocky, his arse wide, sturdy thighs like those of a rugby player. 

            Why not?

            He followed the stranger into a clump of shrubbery. There was already a couple hidden there, one man on his knees while the other stood almost motionless, gently groaning. It was too dark to see what they looked like, and Toby was focusing on his stocky stranger. 

            The guy with rugby-player thighs grabbed Toby’s hand and pulled it towards his crotch. Toby gasped as he touched the man’s solid cock. This guy wasn’t wasting any time on small talk. But that was the general idea.

            After a moment’s hesitation, Toby took a firm grip on the thick shaft and sunk to his knees.         He licked the stranger’s cock head, tasting a hint of precum, before wrapping his lips around it and slipping them over the swollen glans, then pulling back with a slurp. The man moaned appreciatively. Toby was aware of the couple next to them. The guy on his knees was just inches from where Toby crouched, and the one being serviced stood very close to the stranger whose cock Toby was sucking. As Toby continued to hungrily feed, his attention kept wandering to the other standing figure. He was hidden by darkness, but Toby could tell from his shadowy outline that he was tall and lean and the guttural groans he was releasing as orgasm grew closer were turning Toby on more than those of the man he was currently engaged with. He wondered if the pair would embrace a foursome, offering him the chance to taste the other stranger’s cock. But as the thought occurred to him, the object of his desire let out a long, low moan and something warm and wet hit Toby’s face. He may not have gotten to give the other stranger a blow job, but, apparently, he had taken the brunt of his cum explosion. As Toby relished the sensation of the treacle-like liquid running down his cheek, the knob he was slurping on also exploded and more creamy cum filled his mouth. He swallowed, caught up in the sordidness of the situation – one man’s cum covering his face, another’s slipping down his throat.

            His stocky lover was already zipping himself up and backing away.

            “Cheers, Mate,” The man said, heading off into the night.

If you enjoy reading sexy stuff, please check out my male/male erotic romance novellas The Black Mask and Hard Lessons. They are available direct from the publisher’s website or from Amazon UK and Amazon USA, and other online sellers.

When Your Boss Makes it Clear He Fancies You…

Here’s another excerpt from my mm romance, Hard Lessons.

It took Jake a while to find the dining room that evening. It was in the old part of the house on the ground floor and was surprisingly cozy, compared to some of the other rooms he had wandered through. A long, robust wooden table, which looked like it had been carved straight from one of the oak trees lining the driveway, took up much of the space, and an equally sturdy looking sideboard was laid with numerous serving bowls and dishes. The room was filled with a delicious meaty smell.

“Hello there!” greeted Nathan, who was sitting at the head of the table. “Come and sit down. Would you like a glass of wine?”

“It is Friday night, after all,” chirped Alice, who was sitting just to Nathan’s right. She seemed to have defrosted since that afternoon and offered Jake a wide grin.

After a moment’s dithering, Jake took the seat directly opposite Alice. When he scanned the table, he saw it was the only empty seat with a place setting and there would be no one else joining them. All this food for three people? he thought.

“Red okay?” asked Nathan, gesturing to the open bottle of wine on the table between them.

“Yes, fine,” said Jake.

“It’s a good one,” said Alice, and her tone suggested Jake should be grateful. Maybe she hadn’t totally thawed after all.

“So, just help yourself to food whenever you’re ready,” said Nathan. “We like to keep it casual here, no standing on ceremony. We just employ a chef, a gardener and a team of cleaners who come in once a week. This isn’t Brideshead Revisited. You don’t have to worry about a valet walking into your room and catching you naked.”

“Nathan!” squealed Alice.

Jake blushed, not missing the reference to their earlier encounter. Nathan slipped Jake a secret wink and took a swig of wine.

“Well, I’m ready to eat,” Nathan said, standing.

As Nathan helped himself to dinner, Jake couldn’t help but admire him. He had changed out of his suit into a nicely fitted pair of jeans and a Polo shirt, which showed off every muscle of his broad back and shoulders. The jeans did a great job of displaying his full, manly arse too, which flexed as Nathan made his way along the sideboard.

“Shall we?” asked Alice, and Jake realized she was watching him intently with her eyebrows slightly raised.

“Oh, yes,” said Jake, standing. “I’m starving. I didn’t eat on the train.”

Jake made a mental note to stop lusting after his new boss. He was here to get away from romance, not find it. But it wasn’t easy when the boss was so bloody hot and giving definite signals that he was into him.

During dinner, which was a delicious lamb shank with creamy mashed potato and asparagus, conversation flowed quite naturally, with Nathan asking Jake questions about his life in London. Alice chipped in every now and then, but seemed more intent on drinking the wine than finding out about Jake. Nathan topped up Jake’s glass several times, and by nine-thirty, Jake was feeling warm and relaxed. As he sank a little lower in his chair, he felt Nathan’s knee rest against his. Nathan was saying something to Alice about a project he was working on, but as he spoke to his sister, he began to raise and lower his knee, deliberately brushing Jake’s leg.

Jake’s heart began to pound. He was tempted just to go with it, return the pressure and enjoy a moment of secret intimacy with this gorgeous man. But it was too much and way too soon. In some ways, it was a bit insulting.

He’d come here to do a job, after all, not be a sexual plaything. With all the willpower he could muster, Jake stood. Nathan looked at him, surprised.

“I’m going to get an early night,” he said. “It’s been a long day. Thanks for the lovely meal.”

“Sleep well,” said Alice.

“It’s early,” said Nathan, his gaze resting on Jake’s face, imploring him to stay. “And you don’t have to work tomorrow. I’m free too. I could drive you into the nearest village if you like. We can get some lunch. Talk about how the lessons are going to work.”

“That sounds great,” said Jake. “But I will head up. See you both tomorrow.”

“Good night, Jake,” said Nathan, his gaze never faltering.

Jake turned and hurried from the room before he had the chance to change his mind and enjoy a long, drunken evening with Nathan. He had a good idea where an evening like that would lead and he wasn’t ready for it. Although, as he headed for his room, he thought of Nathan’s stunning eyes and muscular body, the man’s black hair and deep voice, and he wasn’t sure how long he could resist if his boss persevered in his seduction.

When he woke a few hours later, Jake was sure he could hear screaming. It was a woman’s voice and she seemed to be calling out a name. It must be Alice, crying out in her sleep. It was a tortured, dismal sound, and even when it stopped, Jake could still hear it in his head as he struggled to get back to sleep.

If you enjoy reading sexy stuff, please check out my male/male erotic romance novellas The Black Mask and Hard Lessons. They are available direct from the publisher’s website or from Amazon UK and Amazon USA, and other online sellers.

An Intense Snippet from The Black Mask

So, don’t read this if you’re not into hot gay sex…with superheroes.

Eventually it’s The Black Mask who can’t stand waiting any longer and he pushes down on the hem of his skintight trousers so his dick bounces free. It’s easily ten inches long, circumcised and streaked with veins.

It hits my face with a satisfying slap, and I wrap my lips around the wide bell-end, slurping at it like a hungry animal. He moans and rests a hand on top of my head, urging me to take it deeper.

I swallow as much as I can without gagging, feeling the cockhead nudge my throat and tasting the pre-cum that leaks from it to coat my tongue. I pull back slowly, relishing the way his cock fills my mouth, feeling every vein as my lips pass over the hot shaft. He is moaning and thrusting his crotch back and forward.

If this is the superhero I created, he has the strength of five men, which makes his tenderness even more of a turn-on. I picture him fighting criminals, slamming them against walls, punching them unconscious, those arm muscles flexing then him leaping over a three-story building, landing in a crouching position, that amazing cock bulging between his tensed thighs. And I take that cock deep into my throat again, letting out a groan of pleasure.

My jaw is aching from the effort of pleasuring him when The Black Mask pulls his dick free of my mouth and sits on the edge of the bed. He kicks off his leather boots and tugs off the lower part of his costume so that he is completely naked from the waist down. I stare longingly at his open thighs, his low-hanging balls, the erect cock pushing into his stomach, and I edge forward on my knees, desperate to smell and taste him again. He stands to climb onto the bed so that he is facing away from me on all fours, his firm, muscular arse thrust backward, inviting me.

If you enjoy reading sexy stuff, please check out my male/male erotic romance novellas The Black Mask and Hard Lessons. They are available direct from the publisher’s website or from Amazon UK and Amazon USA, and other online sellers.

Another Snippet from My MM Romance Hard Lessons

No sex in this little taster, but it gives you a bit more of an insight into Jake’s character.

Jake arrived back at the London flat by eight o’clock that evening. The one-bedroom apartment was set in a converted Victorian house in Islington, and for two years, it had been home. Now, as he turned on the lights and closed the door behind him, Jake felt like a trespasser. It had been Matt’s flat before they’d met, which intensified the feeling that Jake no longer belonged there. Perhaps it was paranoia, but as he walked through the living area, he was sure some of his belongings had been moved to less-visible spots. An armchair he had found in Camden Market seemed to have moved farther into a corner and the view of a painting he had bought from the Affordable Art Fair a year ago was now obscured by a lamp owned by Matt.

Jake opened the bedroom door and froze. Two naked bodies lay across the bed, obviously post lovemaking. One of them was Matt, and Jake assumed the tall, toned black guy with his legs wrapped around Matt’s waist was his new lover. Matt hadn’t expected Jake home

tonight and had obviously taken advantage of having the flat to himself.

Jake backed out of the room, pulling the door closed behind him. He had an overnight bag. He would check in to a cheap hotel if none of his friends could put him up. He heard one of the men stir and padded across the living room to the front door. He wanted to sit somewhere and sob, to release some of the pain he was feeling at being replaced and having to see the intimacy between Matt and the man he’d been replaced by. He heard someone yawn—it sounded like Matt—then he heard a soft moan and the creak of mattress springs. Jake felt like he had been stabbed. He yanked open the apartment door and fled down the stairs to the communal hallway.

Once on the street, he stopped and took several deep breaths. He didn’t want to cry in public. It was good that he’d seen Matt with his new man. It made everything real. Now he would have to move on, and taking the job with Nathan Foley was the first step. Friday couldn’t come soon enough.

As soon as he’d composed himself, Jake took out his mobile phone and scrolled through his contacts. He needed somewhere to stay until he left for Somerset.

His friend Leila took him in with no questions, though he told her everything anyway. She would be perfect company after an experience like Jake had just had. She was the least sentimental person he knew. He grabbed a taxi and headed to her place.

If you enjoy reading sexy stuff, please check out my male/male erotic romance novellas The Black Mask and Hard Lessons. They are available direct from the publisher’s website or from Amazon UK and Amazon USA, and other online sellers.

Meeting the Man in the Mirror

Here’s a sneaky peak at Mirror Man, my forthcoming short read from Pride Publishing.

He swung his legs over the side of the bed, noticing that his cock was semi-erect. He tried to remember what he had been dreaming about. Obviously, something had excited him.

He looked for his dressing gown in the darkness. It should have been hanging on a hook fixed to the door. He stood and padded across the room, thick carpet soft against his bare feet. He thought about the cold kitchen floor and wished he had slippers. 

As he reached the door, he groped for the main light switch, but that too failed to illuminate the room. So, there had definitely been a power cut. He considered just getting back into bed. He didn’t need a glass of water that desperately. But something spurred him on, and he stepped out onto the landing. From here, he could see straight down the stairs into the living room. There was a light glowing down there. Alfie tried to work out where it could be coming from as he descended the stairs, which were drenched in shadows but not completely shrouded in darkness because of the strange illumination coming from the lounge.

When he arrived at the foot of the stairs, he saw immediately where the light originated. The glass of the gilt-framed mirror was glowing like a TV screen, and there was a face staring directly at Alfie.

“Jesus!” Alfie gripped hold of the bannister to steady himself. 

The face that looked out of the mirror was that of a handsome man in his late thirties, maybe early forties, with long dark hair falling around his chiseled features. He fixed his vibrant green eyes on Alfie. For a moment, Alfie just stared back, his mind racing to make sense of what was happening. He was dreaming—that was the obvious explanation—but he’d never had a dream this vivid before. 

As the man in the mirror continued to stare, Alfie became aware of his own nakedness. And, despite his confusion and shock, he grew hard. 

“Alfie,” said the man, and his voice was dark and rich. Alfie recognized it as the voice he’d heard the previous afternoon when he had been dozing in the chair. “Alfie, come closer to the mirror so I can see you better.”

As he spoke, the man seemed to rise up so that not just his face but also most of his body was visible. He was dressed in a highly patterned shirt that was unbuttoned almost to his navel, revealing a smooth, toned chest and stomach. He looked like the hero, or villain, from one of the 1970s horror films Alfie loved so much—although Alfie couldn’t recall any of those characters being as beautiful as this man. His cock stirred as he took a step toward the mirror.

“That’s right,” said the man, “Come closer, close enough for me to smell you.”

Alfie edged closer, stroking his own chest and stomach. This was so vivid. He wanted to climb into the mirror, have the stranger embrace him, kiss him and eventually fuck him.

The man in the mirror unbuttoned his shirt so that his entire upper body was revealed, defined and taut. He too began to stroke himself, his hand resting just above the waistband of his trousers.

“Do you want me to undress?” he asked.

“God, yes,” whispered Alfie.

Slowly the man began to unzip the fly on his gray trousers.This can’t be real, thought Alfie, reaching his hand down to touch his hard-on. And it was as if the thought triggered something. He heard a buzzing in his head, then a rushing sound like wind through a tunnel and the sense of being tugged backward. There was a moment of complete darkness, then he was opening his eyes to a bedroom bathed in early morning sunlight. 

If you want to read more, here’s where you can buy it.



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