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My books are hot and steamy short reads, perfect for an hour or two of fantasising. Careful where you read them though, it could get dangerous!

The Black Mask

Charlie is the young, handsome writer of The Black Mask superhero adventure series. Recently broken up from his long-term boyfriend, he finds himself developing feelings of lust and love for his editor, the gruff, clearly straight Sam. Charlie’s love life takes an even more unexpected twist when his fantasy creation, The Black Mask, somehow becomes a reality—and his lover.

Sage the Immortal

When Tim meets Sage in London’s Camden Town one Saturday he can hardly believe the beautiful, dark-eyed man is interested in him. He knows from the outset that Sage isn’t like other men but he has no idea just how different this handsome stranger is. Sage is, in fact, a 2,000-year-old demi-god, with super powers and a string of exes, one of whom, the gorgeous Justice, shows up at the most inappropriate times.Tim is drawn into a world of stunning immortals, dangerous relationships and a love affair that will test his patience to the end.A short, sexy gay erotic romance, perfect for two hours of intense pleasure and intrigue.

Hard Lessons

When recently single Jake heads off to rural Somerset for a job interview as a reading teacher, he’s expecting his pupil to be a child, but it’s the handsome and charismatic property dealer Nathan Foley who needs his help. Their relationship quickly becomes sexual, and Jake worries he is rushing into another relationship too fast. And, as the heat between them intensifies, Jake begins to question Nathan’s motives.

Mirror Man

When Alfie moves to a Victorian cottage in the wilds of the Devon countryside, he’s looking for a fresh start and some solitude. However, soon after moving into his new home, he begins to have vivid dreams about a stunningly handsome stranger, who appears to be trapped inside an antique mirror that hangs on the wall in the living room.To add to his confusion, Alfie is also visited by his young landlord, who seems to know more about the man in the mirror than he wants to reveal.

General Release Date: 17th December 2019

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