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Sage the Immortal Part 4

“Are you going to tell me about him?” asked Tasha, eyeing me across the restaurant table.

I looked up from the plate of pasta which the waiter had placed in front of me half an hour earlier, but which remained untouched.

“You’ve been moping around for weeks,” said Tasha, adjusting her black Ray-Ban sunglasses so that they sat more squarely on top of her thatch of peroxide blonde hair. “Even Eddy has commented. He’s worried about you too.”

Worried I’ll tell you he tried it on with me, I thought. Although, according to Sage that was my fault, because I secretly desired him.

Tasha was right, I had been depressed for weeks now, ever since Sage had left me sobbing in the doorway. I’d not seen him since, and didn’t expect to ever see him again. 

I’d tried ringing the hotel where he’d taken me and they had never heard of anyone called Sage. They said the room in question was rented permanently to a corporation, but they wouldn’t give me details. I had no other way of proving Sage had existed. I couldn’t even find a trace of sand on my shoes to show I’d really been on that windy beach.

I missed that mix of arrogance and tenderness. I needed him inside me again, and to feel him wrap his arms around me and pull me under his coat.

“Well?” asked Tasha.

I paused for the waiter to finish topping up our wine glasses. He was cute. Probably Italian, tall and slender with dark curly hair and a tanned complexion. He caught me staring and smiled. I looked back at my plate of pasta. I wasn’t ready to flirt with anyone else, not yet.

“There’s nothing to tell,” I lied. “I met someone. We saw each other a couple of times. It ended.”

“What was he like?”

“And why did it end?”

“It’s complicated.”

“Well, thanks for clearing that up, Timothy,” said Tasha, gulping back her wine. “If you do decide you’d like to talk about it, just let me know.”

“Sorry,” I mumbled, as Tasha stood, pulling on her purple overcoat and throwing some notes onto the table. 

“I’ll get this,” she said. “Seeing as you didn’t even eat your meal.”

I downed my own wine and pulled on my leather jacket.

As we left the restaurant, Tasha pushed her sunglasses over her eyes, even though it was dark out and the middle of February.

“You’re welcome back to ours,” she said. “I’m sure Eddy would like to see you.”

And fuck me, I thought, although the Sage effect had worn off now.

“No, I’ll head home,” I said. “I have stuff to do.
“Like moping some more,” said Tasha.

I just nodded and blew her a kiss as I turned off Camden High Street, heading towards my bedsit.

I had almost reached my road, when I heard footsteps behind me. I turned sharply but there was no one following me. The nearest people were a good fifty yards away, milling outside a pub, probably deciding where to go next for a good Saturday night out. I continued to walk, and heard the footsteps again. My first thought was of Sage. He was back and playing a silly game. Soon I would see him sitting on a wall smiling nonchalantly at me. If that happened, I was going to keep walking. Maybe toss him a causal “hello”.

But somehow, I knew it wasn’t Sage. I was filled with a terrible sense of foreboding, of danger. I began to walk faster, breaking into a trot as I rounded the corner into my road. I wasn’t certain , but I thought I could hear breathing close by and then the sound of someone laughing to themselves. It was a creepy, unsettling noise.

I ran the rest of the way to the house, almost dropping my key in my panic to unlock the front door. I glanced behind me as I entered the hallway, but there was no one there. I still made a point of double locking the door, and I ran up the stairs to my room.

I breathed a sigh of relief as I stepped into my bedsit, but as I went to close the door someone pushed me so that I fell across the bed. I swiveled round to see a tall figure towering over me. It took me a moment to realize who it was.

“Justice?” I finally uttered, as he straddled me, slapping a hand across my mouth.

I felt a surge of several emotions—shock, fear and, I couldn’t deny it, lust. A beautiful, Greek god of a man was sitting astride my crotch, pinning me down with his powerful body, and I could feel his cock, hot and sturdy, through his trousers.

“Don’t make a fuss,” he whispered. “Everything is okay. I just need you to co-operate with me. Do you promise not to scream?”

I nodded, staring up into his stunning blue eyes. He removed his hand from my mouth.

“I’m going to take you somewhere,” he said, shifting his position slightly, so that his obviously huge cock rubbed against mine. I began to get hard, despite willing myself not to.

“Where?” I asked.

“A safe place. Somewhere we can talk.”

His cock was growing hard, and he must have been able to feel mine doing the same.

“I don’t understand,” I said, trying to think unsexy thoughts.

Justice leaned forward and kissed me on the mouth. The effect was like a jolt of power tingling down from my lips to my groin.

What the Hell was going on here?

“I’ll explain everything when we get there,” said Justice, “But will you come with me?”

I considered my options. If I said no, he could just take me by force. I could tell from the weight of him that I could never match him in a fight. 

“Yes, I’ll come,” I said.

“Excellent,” said Justice, pulling me from the bed and wrapping his arms around my torso. My cheek was pressed to his, which was smooth as alabaster. I wondered if his butt cheeks would be as smooth, but hastily pushed the thought from my mind. This wasn’t some sex game. I was being kidnapped.

I closed my eyes as the now familiar gale began to blow around us and my room disintegrated into dots of color and light. I could feel Justice’s muscular arms holding me tightly and I felt safe, for now.


“I’m sorry for the forceful way I brought you here,” said Justice, handing me a glass of wine and sitting next to me on the leather couch. “I wasn’t sure if you’d come willingly. I thought Sage might have poisoned you against me.”

“I haven’t seen Sage for weeks,” I said, surveying the room where Justice had brought me. It was a spacious living room, I guessed part of a large house. Open fireplaces stood at either end, and expensive-looking Turkish rugs covered much of the floor. Behind me a set of French windows led onto a patio area, although it was too dark outside to see clearly what lay beyond.

“Where is this?” I asked.

“Maybe best you don’t know,” said Justice. “Just in case Sage is able to pick up your thoughts. I brought you here so you would be safe.”

“Safe from Sage?” I asked.

Justice, nodded, and sat next to me on the couch, so that one of his muscular thighs rested against mine. The crotch of his grey suit trousers bulged enticingly. My own cock stirred again.

“He isn’t the charming creature he makes himself out to be,” said Justice. “It was Sage that killed Luke. And last week he tried to kill me.”

“Seriously?” wine slopped over the glass as I placed it om the nearest side table.

“I’m afraid so. Sage has lost his mind. He wants to be the only immortal. He plans to kill us off one by one.”

“I can’t believe that,” I said. “And even if it were true, why would that put me in danger?”

“He has feelings for you, but he sees that as a weakness. He doesn’t want to be held back by anything. He wants to be all-powerful, and that means no distractions. You are a distraction that he wants rid of.”

“This is bollocks!” I leapt to my feet and headed towards the nearest door.

Justice was blocking my way before I got more than a few feet from the sofa.

“It’s true,” he said, placing a hand against my chest. “I’ll do my best to protect you, but you have to trust me.”

“But I don’ trust you!” I shouted. “Why would I trust someone that just took me from my home by force? I don’t know you.”

“You don’t know Sage either,” said Justice, fixing my gaze with his piercing eyes. “Just because he’s had his cock in your tight little hole doesn’t mean you know him. Maybe you’d like me to fuck you too and then you can say you know me as well as you know Sage. Would that help?”

I backed away, truly frightened now. There was something unhinged about Justice. As if sensing my panic, he adjusted his expression to one of compassion.

“I’m sorry,” he said, spreading his arms so that his white shirt was pulled tight across his broad chest. His firm abs and large nipples were clearly visible through the fabric. “I didn’t bring you here to scare you. You are under my protection. I swear you are safe here with me.”

Part of me wanted to fall into his arms and let him protect me. But I did not want to believe that my Sage was the killer. He had talked about Luke with such affection. I couldn’t relate that to the story Justice was telling me.

“Okay,” I said, sitting back on the sofa. “I’ll stay. But if I do, will you tell me the story of how you and Sage met?”

I decided it was best to play along.

“Are you sure you want to hear?”  asked Justice with a grin. “Will it not make you jealous to hear tales of myself and Sage fucking each other senseless on every continent?”

I shrugged. “I think it’s more likely to make me hard,” I said.

Justice sat next to my again, sliding a hand along my thigh until it rested against my bulging crotch. Despite my unease, I had an erection again. Unhinged or not, Justice possessed much of the potent sexual prowess that Sage had. I felt like I was breathing it in, as if the room was filled with his sexuality rather than air.

“First, I would like to get naked,” he said, and my heart pounded. “I find it hard to relax when I am clothed.”

“No problem,” I replied, my voice annoyingly high-pitched. I figured a naked aggressor would find it harder to give chase than one who was fully clothed. Obviously, I had no ulterior motive for wanting the beautiful Justice to remove his clothes.

“Excellent,” said Justice, standing, already unbuttoning his shirt. He shrugged it off and I couldn’t help but gape at is impeccable torso. It was as if an artist had been commissioned to create the perfect man, from the wide shoulders, the bulging pecs and the washboard stomach. Perfection. He began to unfasten his trousers, and I looked away to fain disinterest, although I was desperate to watch. He kicked off his shoes with a grunt and I heard the rustle of material as his trousers were also removed and cast aside. Next a pair of white briefs flew across the room, landing on top of a standing lamp in the corner of the room. 

“Can I get you anything to eat?” he asked, giving me an excuse to look at him.

I gasped, despite myself, at the sight of him completely naked. He looked like an angel. Although I had never seen an angel depicted with a thick cock hanging between his thighs. He was uncut, although his cockhead bloomed beautifully from the folds of foreskin, a fine string of precum connecting it to his thigh.

“Anything to eat?” he asked again.

I hoped he couldn’t see how hard I was. I was glad my jeans were fashionably loose fitting.

“I need the bathroom,” I said.  

Justice threw back his head and laughed. The motion made his huge cock bob up and down, the gossamer thread of precum dropped, almost floating to the carpet. 

“Seriously,” I croaked, my mouth suddenly dry. “I need a piss.”

Justice sighed, turned and walked towards the nearest door. His arse was as smooth as the cheeks on his face, as if crafted from marble.

“This way!” he barked, and led the way into a spacious hallway and up a flight of stairs. I felt a rush of excitement as I followed him, my face just below his butt, breathing in the sweet tang of his sweat, watching his arse cheeks clench and relax and his balls swing between his sculpted thighs. It wasn’t as if I was being unfaithful to anyone. It just wasn’t really the scenario to be thinking about sex.

“Here!” he nodded towards a door set on the first landing. “I’ll be just outside, so don’t try anything stupid.”

I slipped past him into the bathroom, pushing the door closed behind me and taking several deep breaths. I glanced around me. There was a small window above the toilet which I could just about fit through, but how far would I get before he caught me?

“I don’t hear any pissing,” Justice called.

I unzipped my fly and stood over the toilet, pushing my erect cock downwards,  trying to force the pee to come. Finally, I managed to produce a trickle of piss.

There was a bath to my left with a shower curtain pulled round it. I wondered if there was another window above the bath, maybe a bigger one that would be easier to climb through, give me some kind of head start before Justice gave chase. I shook my cock dry and zipped myself up.

“Hurry up,” called Justice. “I think I want to try some human arse.”

I grabbed the edge of the shower curtain and pulled it to one side. I staggered back and screamed. There was a dead woman lying in the bath, her throat slit, her eyes staring blindly at the ceiling.

The bathroom door crashed inwards and Justice stood grinning at me.

“Whoops,” he said. “I forgot I’d put one of them there.”

“Who is she?” I stuttered.

Justice shrugged. “I’ve no idea. Just a human that lived here. I needed somewhere to stay for a while so I killed her. And her man.”

“Jesus!” I tried to push past him but he grabbed me by the arm and brought me to a halt like a disobedient dog.

“It’s time for us to have some fun,” he said, pulling me close and nuzzling my neck.

“Are you serious!” I yelled. “You just admitted killing two people and now you want to have sex!”

“Sure,” said Justice. “Why not? You let Sage fuck you plenty of times. Do you think he’s never killed anyone in the past two thousand years?”

“I’m not fucking him anymore, am I,” I said, trying to pull away, but held fast by his arm of iron.

“I don’t want to fuck you, Tim, I just want you to suck my cock. You can do that can’t you? Then you can go, or I will take you home or where ever you want me to take you. Does that sound fair?”

It didn’t sound fair and it made no sense. If Justice was capable of brutally murdering two people just so he had a place to stay, I was sure he’d be more than happy to take any sexual favors by force. So, why was he trying to convince me that sucking his cock was a great idea? Sage had said that if I drank his cum, or seed, as he called it, I would become immortal like him. Was the same true of Justice, If I sucked him and swallowed his cum would I become immortal? Did I need to drink it willingly for it to work? And, why would Justice want that for me?

“You think too much,” said Justice, leading me, or rather dragging me up to the next floor and throwing me into the first room we came to—a bedroom.

I stumbled and fell. Justice stood over me, one foot either side of my chest so that I looked up at his balls and now rock-hard cock.

I could just do what he’s asking and hope he keeps his word, I thought

He pushed down on the shaft so that his cockhead, wet with pre-cum, pointed towards me.

“You sure you don’t fancy a taste?” he asked, his voice gentle now, as if we were just two lovers playing a game.

It would be so easy just to give in, take that delicious looking cock in my mouth, taste that precum and keep sucking until he came, swallow every drop, feel it slide down my throat.

I sat up, my mouth open, my mind almost made up. That thick, dripping cock just looked so inviting.

Glass shattered behind me and a familiar voice, filled with anger and urgency, shouted “No!”

Sage had arrived.


Sage strode across the bedroom, glass crunching beneath his booted feet. Justice opened his mouth to speak, but Sage gripped him by the throat silencing him and lifting him several inches from the floor. He may have been much slimmer than Justice but he was stronger. He flung the other man across the room. Justice collided with the wall next to the door, created a shower of plaster. In a second Sage was on top of him, pinning him to the floor by his shoulders, his denim-clad arse covering Justice’s enormous cock.

“How dare you,” he growled, his face no more than two inches from Justice’s. “Were you planning to make him your slave just to spite me? Was killing Luke not enough for you?”
Sage glanced in my direction. “If a human willingly drinks the seed of a second-generation immortal like Justice, they don’t become immortal. It makes them feel wonderful for a few days but then they have the come down and need more. He wanted to turn you into an addict, have you clinging to him like a pet, begging for another fix.”

Justice struggled to free himself but Sage once again demonstrated his inhuman strength, keeping the much larger man flat against the carpet.

“How did you find me?” asked Justice.

“I’ve been tracking you for weeks, ever since I worked out you were the killer,” said Sage. “I knew you were hiding out somewhere near here. And then I felt Tim was close too and I guessed that you had taken him. I was able to follow his thoughts like a trail of breadcrumbs.”

I wondered if Sage still being able to ‘feel me’ in his mind meant he still cared. 

“Why?” Sage asked. “Why do you hate me so much?”

Justice glared at him. “One hundred years,” he said eventually. “You were mine for one hundred years and then he came along and I was cast aside—after a century of being at you side, of making love to you nearly every day. I gave up my life to be with you. I walked away from family, dedicated myself to you, and then Luke comes strolling into your life and I’m forgotten.”

“You weren’t forgotten,” said Sage, his voice softening a little. “But you knew we wouldn’t last forever. You’d met my previous lovers. I never hid the fact that I would move on one day—if you didn’t move on first.”

“I would never have left you,” said Justice. “Not like him.”

I lay watching the scene unfold. Despite knowing what Justice was capable of, I felt sympathy for him. I was broken hearted when Sage finished whatever we had after a few weeks. I could only imagine how hurt I would have been if we’d spent a century together.

“I should kill you,” said Sage. “I saw what you did to Luke. You butchered him.”

Justice didn’t reply, he just turned his head towards me so that he was no longer facing Sage. I studied the perfection of his features. It was hard to believe a creature of such beauty was capable of the atrocities he had committed. 

Finally, he turned back to Sage. “Let me go and I will stay out of your life forever,” he said. “I will find some far-flung place and live there like a hermit.”

Sage stared down at his former lover, his breathing was heavy and fast.

“How can I ever trust you again?” he demanded.

“You can,” insisted Justice. “You will never see me again and I will never make contact with any of the other immortals. It will be as if you did kill me.”

“And what about him?” Sage nodded towards me. “Will you stay away from him too?”

“Of course,” said Justice, with contempt. “He doesn’t interest me. I just knew that he amused you. He won’t be around for much longer anyway will he.”

My heart dropped into my stomach at this comment, but I suspected it was true.

“You need to leave this place now and I never want to set eyes on you again,” said Sage, releasing the pressure on Justice’s shoulders and slowly standing.

Justice sighed and also stood, using the wall for support. “I just need to get my clothes,” he said. “And then I will go.”

He headed out onto the landing. Sage made to follow him, but then turned to me.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

I nodded. “I am now,” I said.

Justice suddenly flew back through the door brandishing what looked like a large dagger. He must have had it hidden somewhere on the landing. He leapt at Sage, raising the blade, obviously intending to plunge it into Sage’s back. In one fluid motions, Sage grabbed Justice by the arm that held the dagger, then twisted round to face his assailant. Justice screamed in pain as Sage bent the wrist of the dagger-wielding hand back until it snapped. The dagger dropped to the floor. It was stained with blood—I assumed that of the poor woman in the bath, and her husband, wherever he was.

Justice dropped to his knees, face contorted with pain. Sage continued to twist and bend the broken wrist eliciting more groans of agony.

“I told you I couldn’t trust you,” said Sage.

As he spoke, Justice lunged for he dagger, managing to grab it with his free hand and thrusting it upwards towards Sage’s stomach. Sage snatched it from Justice’s grasp and without hesitation slit the other man’s throat.

I gasped at the violence of it, and at the sudden gaping wound and the cascading blood that poured down Justice’s neck and chest. He gave a final groan and fell backwards.

Sage stood over his body for a moment, still clutching the weapon. 

“Jesus,” I whispered. “You killed him.”

Sage turned his ashen face to me. “I didn’t want to,” he said. “But it was him or me.”

He was right, of course but it was still hard to take in the fact that the man I loved had just murdered someone in front of me.

“Can we get out of here?” I asked.

“Of course,” said Sage, pulling the paisley patterned cover from the bed and draping it over Justice’s body.

“What will the police think?” I asked. “He killed the people that owned this place so I’ll have to call the police from somewhere. Will they be able to tell he was an immortal?”

“I won’t leave him here,” said Sage. “Once I have taken you home I will come back and find him a more suitable resting place. It’s not as if the police can punish him any more than I have. I’ll make an anonymous call the police once I’ve moved him, if it’s important to you.”
“Yes its important,” I snapped. “They were human beings, minding their own business and he murdered them because they were in the way. The police need to know they are here, so that they be treated like people and not butchered pieces of meat. Their families need to be told. They need to be treated with some respect.”

I began to sob. Sage knelt down next to me and took me in his arms. “I’m sorry,” he said. “I will deal with it, I promise. But first let’s get you home.”


The rest of that night is a blur. I have no memory of the journey home, and only a vague recollection of Sage laying me on the single bed in my room and looking down at me. I think he may have apologized again, but I could have dreamed that.

Then in true Sage style I didn’t see him for two weeks.

When he next appeared, I was sitting on a bench over Regent’s Park. It was Saturday and although it was cold the sun was bright and I wanted to be outside. Sage strode towards me across the lush grass, long coat flapping around him in the breeze. I was torn between excitement and resentment. My life had been quiet, but enjoyable since I’d last seen him. No kidnappings no murders, just me and my sister hanging out, drinks with friends, lunch with colleagues—normal life.

He sat next to me on the bench, saying nothing, so I remained silent too, staring out over the park.

“How are you?” he asked eventually, and my stomach gave a pleasant lurch at the sound of his husky voice.

“Fine,” I replied.

“I’m fine too,” he said.


“Are you angry with me?”

I shrugged. “Why would I be, Sage?”

“Because I’ve not been in touch.”

I turned towards him, anger flushing my cheeks. “Sage, what do you want? You’ve made it clear I’m not a match for you, that I could never cope with being immortal, so what’s the point in you popping up every few weeks when you’ve had your fill of all the other humans out there happy to fuck you?”

“I haven’t been fucking any other humans,” said Sage, looking offended. “I’ve been checking on the other immortals to make sure they are not too traumatized by recent events.”

“Lucky them,” I snapped. “I was fine by the way. Being kidnapped by a psychopathic immortal is something that happens to me all the time, so no big deal.”

“I’m sorry,” said Sage, resting a hand on my thigh. “I should have come sooner. I intend to visit much more regularly from now on.”

“Who says I want that?” I asked, standing and then sitting again, not sure what to do with myself. “Maybe I don’t want whatever it is you have to offer. Maybe I just want a nice, normal relationship where a man who calls me on the phone and asks me out to dinner. I can’t cope with the drama and the uncertainty, Sage. I love you, but it’s all too hard.”

“I love you too,” said Sage, meeting my gaze with his own. 

“What?” I asked, staring into his earnest dark eyes.

“I love you too,” he repeated, “And I promise that from now on I will call you on the phone and ask you on dates. We can go to dinner, the cinema, the theatre—normal boyfriend stuff.”

“How?” I asked. “How can you promise that? How do you know you won’t lose track of time again and turn up in a year, thinking it’s only been a week?”

“Because you and I are the same now,” said Sage.

“What does that mean?”

“Timothy, I gave up my immortality to be with you.”

“What?” I stared into his eyes. “Are you serious?”

Suddenly I was filled with horror at the thought of Sage being just an ordinary man.

Sage laughed. “No, I’m joking, but I promise I will behave more like a mortal from now on. I will keep track of time, I will make dates and I will treat you with the love and respect you deserve.”

I couldn’t help but smile. Sage raised his eyebrows, waiting for my response.

“Okay,” I said taking his hand in mine. “We’ll give it a go.”

Sage leaned forward and kissed me on the lips and I knew from the warmth that flooded through me that I was always going to say yes.

“Shall we go on a date now?” he asked. “Dinner at The Savoy?”

“I’m not dressed for it,” I insisted.

“We can stop off at one of my homes on the way find us both some suitable attire.”

“Sounds good to me” I said standing and waiting for Sage to wrap me in his coat and whisk me away.

Sage stood too and began walking along the path towards the nearest park exit.

“Where are you going?” I called, running to catch up with him.

“To catch a bus,” said Sage.


“I’m keeping things nice and normal.”

I stopped ad pulled Sage to a halt too. “Sage,” I said fixing him with my most beguiling look. “When I said normal, I didn’t mean that normal.”

“Thank God for that,” said Sage, pulling me to him and wrapping his coat around me.

And as the wind began to blow and the park disintegrated into a million tiny lights, I breathed in the familiar musky odor, basked in the warmth of his body and the sensation of his breath on my neck. And I felt safe and loved.


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