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Sage the Immortal Part 2

I remember the old man rushing from the pub and then Sage steering me towards the door. When had I become so docile that I allowed myself to be guided everywhere like an obedient child? I could have dealt with the sleazy old guy myself. I didn’t owe Sage anything, so why hadn’t I just thanked him and ordered myself a drink? One more look into those charcoal eyes and at that half smiling, half sneering mouth and I knew why.

“So, you are still a virgin,” said Sage as we walked along Camden High Street.

“How…” I glared at him, then blushed.

This wasn’t strictly true. I had indulged in mutual masturbation with a guy on the Underground, coming all over his tailored suit which didn’t seem to please him, and there’d been a lad I knew from college who had appeared at the shop where I worked one day and given the impression he was interested. We had gone back to his house—or his parents’ house—and I’d sucked him off. He’d asked me to leave shortly after coming in my face, saying his dad was due back from work and might sense what we’d been up to. Aged twenty-two, this was my illustrious sex life so far.

We were standing outside the house where my bedsit was. Had I led the way here, or had Sage known where to go? 

“Are we going up?” asked Sage, eying the window to my room.

“How do you know which is my window?” I demanded.

Sage shrugged. “Maybe I saw you staring wistfully out of it a few nights ago and thought, ‘there’s that pretty boy who was too scared to let me fuck him last week’.”

“Last week!” I blurted. “It was a year ago.”

“Really?” Sage pulled a face that suggested his mistake was no big deal. “Time runs differently for me. I thought it was more recent. So, are we going up to your room or not?”

I breathed in his musky scent, took one more look into his dark eyes, and thought What the Hell? 

He was arrogant and probably insane, but he was the sexiest man I’d ever met, and he wanted me. I fished my door keys from my jeans pocket and headed up the short path to the house.

As I pushed open the door to my room Sage sighed despondently behind me. 

“Not the most salubrious place for our first act of love-making ,” he said, pushing past me and standing in the center of the room, surveying it like an estate agent conducting a valuation.

“It’s less of a dump than the hovel you took me to the day we met,” I said, finally finding my voice again.

Sage looked at me down his  nose, narrowing his eyes as if inspecting me. “That wasn’t my main seduction palace,” he said. “I told you, it was just a little bolt hole. Sometimes I like sordid, but tonight, I think we should have something more luxurious.”

“Well, if you have somewhere better we can go…” I began, as Sage wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me to him. 

“This will feel strange,” he said. “But just hold on tight and try not to throw up.”

I opened my mouth to question this ludicrous statement, but my words were silenced by a hurricane wind that suddenly engulfed us. Next, everything around me seemed to disintegrate into colored particles. I tried to call out to Sage, ask him what the Hell was happening, but I couldn’t take a breath, let alone speak.

In an instant, the swirling colors settled and we were standing in the middle of a park, maybe Regent’s Park, which was a short walk from my room. But before I could utter a word, we were off again, more streaming color and ferocious wind, then we were standing on the corner of a narrow street, the sound of traffic and raised voices close by. I stared into Sage’s face. He grinned and said: “Hold tight!”

When we next stopped we were standing in a large room, with a high ceiling and walls painted a dark shade of green. To our right stood a massive four-poster bed, complete with thick, velvet drapes in a lighter shade of green to the walls. Four sash windows lined the wall in front of us, the nearest reflecting my startled expression. I continued to cling to Sage, too shocked to be turned on by his closeness, the heat of his body, the sensation of his warm breath on my neck, or the obvious bulge in his tight jeans pushing against my thigh.

“What just happened?” I finally asked, breaking free of his clutches and staggering back two steps.

“I do it all the time,” said Sage. “It’s how I get around. If you need to be sick, the bathroom is over there,” he pointed to a door opposite the bed.

I felt dizzy and disorientated and confused, but not sick.

“Tell me how you did that?” I demanded.

Sage turned his back on me, pretending to study something on the ceiling. He was wearing a tight-fitting white T-shirt and even tighter-fitting black jeans, that showed every curve of his long, slender legs and his perfect little butt. I was torn between wanting to hit him and just drop to my knees and bury my face between those firm arse cheeks.

“Sage!” I snapped. “Tell me how you did that. And, where are we?”

Sage spun around, his head cocked to one side. “I don’t like being shouted at,” he said. “I was able to do what I did, because my father was a god. And to answer your second question, we are in one of the most expensive rooms at my favorite London Hotel. I keep this room permanently available to bring special guests. The management are paid weekly in cash, they bring me whatever I want when I want it and they never ask questions. Unlike you.”

I released an incredulous laugh and sat on the end of the bed.

“This is seriously fucked up,” I said. “I’d think you were totally crazy, but I can’t explain what just happened. Unless you slipped me a drug of some kind.”

“And when would I have done that?” asked Sage. He grabbed a hard-backed chair which stood next to the bathroom door, swiveled it round and straddled it, so that his legs were spread wide, his crotch pushed against the latticed back of the chair. Once again, he tilted his head so that his lush, black hair brushed against his left shoulder.

“I don’t know,” I admitted. “You must have had this reaction before, from other…” I hesitated, unsure what word to use.

“Conquests?” suggested Sage. “Yes, there have been a few, but I don’t show my talents to everyone I fuck, and I don’t bring them all here.”

“What makes me so special?” I asked.

“I like the way you smell,” said Sage.

“You what?” I exclaimed, but then I thought of how much I had been drawn to his odor. Maybe he smelt me in the same way and felt the same chemical attraction. I resisted the temptation to sniff my own arm pits.

“I also like your kind green eyes, your cute red cheeks and those gorgeous freckles. I love a man with freckles. And from what I can see through your clothes, I believe I will also like your body. Even though you hide it under ridiculously baggy shirts and jeans, I can tell it is firm and muscular.”

I blushed, and hoped my body wouldn’t be a disappointment. I was fairly muscular as I worked out a lot at home using free weights, but I was no gym fanatic with bulging biceps. 

“Don’t worry, I won’t be disappointed,” said Sage, standing and tossing the chair backwards so that it clattered against the wall.

He strode over to the bed, pushing me onto my back and climbing on top of me, his knees resting either side of my hips, so that his bulging crotch hovered just above mine. I was hard in an instant. He pulled his T-shirt over his head, revealing a perfectly toned chest and stomach and more beautiful pale skin. My own skin was fair, but Sage seemed to have an inner glow that made his shine. I noticed how small and hard his nipples were and wanted to sit up and lick them, but Sage took each of my hands in his and pinned them to the bed above my head. He lowered his crotch so that his hard bulge rested against mine, filling me with warmth. I arched my back and released a sigh, feeling the heat wash through me.

Although his build was slim, Sage was incredibly strong. I could feel the power surging through him as he continued to hold me down, staring into my eyes with a look of mischievous pleasure.

“You really are quite beautiful,” he said, staring down at me, stroking a stray curl away from my forehead and kissing me there. “How could I have neglected you for a whole year? Those eyes.”

He kissed me just above each eye in turn.

“And that cute little nose.”

Now he kissed the tip of my nose.

“And those full lips.”

He rested his lips against mine planting a kiss, then running his tongue between them.

I began to writhe underneath him, relishing the contact of his bone-hard cock through the material of our jeans. He jerked his hips backwards and forwards, creating a delicious friction between our cocks. I was scared I might come before we even got naked.

As if, again, reading my mind, Sage released my hands and grabbed the hem of my T-shirt, yanking it over my head and flinging onto the floor. He edged backwards and unbuttoned the fly of my jeans, massaging my cock through the cotton of my briefs, before standing and pulling of my trainers and socks and tossing them over his shoulder. He pulled my jeans off next, so that I lay in just my briefs. I reached for my throbbing length, but Sage slapped my hand away. 

“That’s for me,” he said, smiling as he peeled off my briefs and planted a kiss on my cockhead. Another almost painful bolt of pleasure surged through me. I loved being naked in front of Sage and the way he admired my body. He undressed by the side of the bed, never taking his eyes off me, unlacing and kicking off his black boots, then pushing down his jeans, over his huge bulge and down those slender but muscular legs. With a gasp, I saw that he wasn’t wearing any underwear. His long, thick un-cut cock stood just a few feet from my mouth. I’d never wanted to taste anything more in my life.

I leaned forward, craning my neck, desperate to take his cock in my mouth, but he gently pushed my head away.

“Not that,” he said, climbing onto the bed and straddling me again. 

I grabbed his butt in both my hands, fingers delving into the warm crease. I wanted the smell of him on my hands so that I could breathe it in later when this was over.

Sage lowered himself into a sitting position, so that his balls and cock rested against mine. I let out a groan of pleasure, pulling him even closer, grinding my cock against his. I felt like I was going to explode with lust.

Someone hammered on the door to the hotel room.

Sage cursed and waited. The knocking came again, more urgent this time. Sage swore and climbed from the bed, striding towards the door.

“Who is it?” he demanded, now peering through the spy hole. “Justice?”

He flung the door open, revealing a man who was as beautiful as he was, but different in every way. The visitor was taller than Sage, probably six feet three, aged around 22 and dressed in a stunning metallic grey suit. His hair was as blond as Sage’s was dark, and curly like that of a Renaissance statue. His eyes were a piercing blue and his lips full and red. I took all this in within seconds. And by the time I had thought about how inappropriate it was for me to be naked in front of a stranger, both he and Sage were standing at the end of the bed looking down at me.

“He’s pretty,” said the stranger.

“Do you mind!” snapped Sage. “Have a little respect would you.”

I knew I should cover myself, but I was also turned on by the experience of being admired by this strange new arrival. Plus, I was fired up and ready to be fucked by Sage. I was still breathing heavily and my heart was pounding.

“What do you want, Justice?” asked Sage. I noticed that he was still hard, and making no attempt to dress himself. “I was in the middle of something.”

“So, I see,” said Justice, who’s voice was silky smooth and deep. “I wouldn’t mind being in the middle of that.”

I tutted and pulled the bed cover over my lower body. He was beautiful, but there was a limit to how much I was prepared to be objectified.

Sage sat in the chair he had straddled earlier, arms folded, legs wide open, erection proudly displayed.

“So?” he asked.

Justice sat on the end of the bed, just inches from my feet. I couldn’t help but admire his shapely butt. It was bigger than Sage’s, but it looked just as firm. The material of his trousers stretched as he sat, revealing the deep cleft between his arse cheeks.

“Luke is missing,” said Justice, also sounding serious now. 

“What do you mean missing?” asked Sage. 

“No-one has seen or heard from him in four months.”

“Is that unusual?” asked Sage. “I haven’t seen him for a decade or more.”

“Yes, but the rest of us keep in touch,” said Justice. “Like family are meant to.”

Now I was confused—or even more confused. Was Sage seriously sitting naked and aroused in front of a relative? 

“Family,” he laughed, with one of his dismissive hand gestures. “Since when were my former conquests family?”

“Oh, stop pretending not to care,” snapped Justice. “You may get bored of us sexually, but you still love us in your own self-obsessed way. You created us. That must mean something to you.”

Sage glanced at me, and I could tell he was unsure about continuing this conversation with me in the room. Within minutes, I had gone from being the center of his attention to feeling like an inconvenience.

“Do you want me to leave” I asked.

Justice also turned to look at me. “It might be for the best,” he said, rubbing my thigh through the bed cover. He moved his hand higher so that it rested on my cock. I shifted backwards with a cry of objection.

Suddenly Sage was standing over us and his hand was round Justice’s throat.

“Don’t touch him like that,” he said, his voice as cold as a winter wind.

“Sorry.” Justice placed the offending hand in his lap.

Sage sighed and released his grip on Justice’s throat. 

“I’m sorry, Tim,” he said. “But I think it would be better if you left. I’m as disappointed as you are. I promise we will get another chance – and soon.”

I felt discarded and desolate. I climbed from the bed, the cover still wrapped around me and grabbed my clothes from the floor.

“I can take you home,” said Sage.

“I can find my own way home,” I said, heading to the bathroom to dress, no longer turned on by being watched.


“Are you okay?” asked Tasha, topping up my wine and sitting next to me on the sofa. “You don’t seem yourself.”

I glanced across the open-plan living room of her apartment to the kitchen where her boyfriend, Eddy, was washing up after dinner.

“Oh,” Said Tasha, “Does it involve a man?”

I blushed. 

“It does!” she exclaimed. “You can talk in front of Eddy, he won’t judge.”

It had been a week since the last encounter with Sage, and while I felt angry at the way he’d treated me, I still wanted him. Would it be another year before he showed up again, if he ever came back into my life? The thought of never seeing his arrogant face again was painful. While Tasha waited for me to reveal all, I thought back to the dismal walk home from Sage’s hotel and how, five minutes after leaving, I had felt faint, gripping hold of a lamp post to stop myself falling as the enormity of what had happened struck me.

“So?” Tasha was looking at me expectantly.

“I’m fine,” I lied. “I’m just tired. The new job is more like hard work than I’m used to.”

“Oh,” sighed Tasha. “I was hoping for juicy gossip.”

“Sorry,” I said.

Eddy returned to the living area grinning cheerily. “Can I get anyone anything?” he asked.

I liked Eddy. He was ruggedly handsome, his sandy blond hair usually speckled with paint. He had a stocky build like a rugby player, although I don’t think he ever played. Why couldn’t I meet someone like him? A normal guy, someone to cuddle up to at night, have a laugh with.

“You okay, Tim?” he asked, and I realized I’d been staring at him.

“I’m fine,” I said, hastily looking away. “Just tired. I should probably get home.”

“It’s Saturday night,” protested Tasha, “And its only ten o’clock.”

“I know,” I said, standing. “I’m sorry. I’m just knackered.”

“I’ll show you out,” said Eddy. “If you really want to get home.”

Tasha was pouting as we hugged goodbye. She knew I was hiding something.

I followed Eddy into the hallway and waited as he opened the front door to the flat. As I moved to pass him onto the landing he caught hold of my arm and pulled me to him. I was so shocked I didn’t react at first. His strong arm was wrapped around my waist and I could feel his obviously hard cock pressing against my thigh. His lips were almost touching mine. He took one of my hands and placed it against his bulge. 

“Eddy!” I tried not to yell too loudly as I pulled away, staring at him in disbelief, although I had let my hand rest on his stiff length for longer than I should have.

Eddy looked as shocked as I did. “I’m sorry,” he said, shaking his head as if to clear it of an unwanted memory. “I don’t know why I did that. I’m not even gay.”

“And I’m your girlfriend’s brother,” I whispered. Luckily, my sister had put on a record as Eddy led me to the door, and the sound of The Cure was drowning out our voices.

“Tim, I honestly don’t know what just happened,” said Eddy. “I don’t think of you like that.”

“Bye, Eddy,” I said, and hurried from the apartment.

As I cantered down the stairs to the main front door, I imagined Eddy and I kissing, his full crotch pushing against mine, letting those strong arms draw me to the bedroom and throw me on the bed. As fresh air hit me, I pictured Eddy stripping, unleashing his already dripping cock and climbing on top of me, kissing my chest and my neck…

“Naughty,” said a voice close to my ear. “And with your sister’s boyfriend too.”

Sage was sitting on the wall of the house next door to where my sister and Eddy lived. His long legs were crossed at the ankles, and his arms were folded. He was dressed in trademark black jeans and a white shirt with a wide collar and pearl buttons.

“I didn’t do anything,” I spluttered.

“Oh, but you did,” said Sage. “You can’t help yourself. A little of me has rubbed off on you. You’ll find yourself getting a lot of that kind of attention if you keep hanging around with me. Although it’s you that’s making it happen, not them. It’s your desire that’s causing them to have these feelings. They wouldn’t be throwing themselves at you if you didn’t secretly want them. You’re subconsciously willing it to happen.”

“I need to get away from here,” I said, still too flustered to actually feel elated at seeing Sage again, or to take in what he was saying.

“Do you want to get away using my methods, or your own?” asked Sage, jumping down from the wall and opening his arms to me. I hesitated, but only for a moment.


“Get on the bed on all fours and stick that perfect arse in the air for me,” said Sage.

There had been no pre-amble this time. We’d had a year of foreplay, after all. As soon as we’d arrived in the hotel room Sage had stripped, throwing his clothes into a heap in a corner of the room. He’d nodded at me, indicating that I should do the same. I’d removed my own clothes in awkward, jerky motions, blushing as my erect cock bounced into view.

I obeyed his latest command, climbing onto the huge bed, arching my back and pointing my butt in Sage’s direction. Why resist? We both knew I needed him inside me. I’d been waiting more than 12 months.

Sage climbed on the bed behind me, he began to nuzzle at my arse, pulling the cheeks apart and sniffing and licking around my hole. It felt incredible, I groaned to let Sage know I was enjoying the experience. His tongue delved into my hole, then circled it until I tremored with ecstasy. 

With a satisfied sigh he kissed each of my arse cheeks and rose to a kneeling position.

“Do you want me to wear something?” he asked. “I don’t carry human diseases and I can’t catch them.”

He was rubbing his cock against the cleft of my arse as he spoke. I wanted to throw caution to the wind and tell him just to fuck me, but I still had some grip on reality.

“You’d better,” I said. 

Sage tutted and pulled open the drawer of one of two bedside cabinets. I heard him mumbling to himself irritably as he pulled a condom over his cock. Next, I heard the squelching of lube being squirted into his hand, and then the cold, wonderful sensation as he smeared it over and inside my hole. One finger slid inside me for just a few incredible seconds, teasing my prostate. I imagined how much better it would feel when it was his dick entering me. I didn’t have to imagine for long.

Sage gripped me by each shoulder and I felt the head of his cock nudge my hole. He kissed my neck and back, as he pushed his length inside me. I gasped. This was the first time I had been fucked and it hurt. I felt the muscles of my arse tighten, and his length felt impossibly big. 

“It’s okay,” he whispered. “Just relax. Take nice, deep breathes and just ease into it.”

I took his advice, inhaling and exhaling slowly and steadily, and slowly Sage pushed himself inside me. His cock felt endless as it edged in, inch by inch. Now that the initial pain had subsided, his cock and my butt seemed a perfect fit.

I wished we were facing each other, so that I could see Sage staring down at me with those intense, dark eyes, but there was no time to make this request. Sage began to thrust in and out of me, each time almost withdrawing his cock, but pushing it in again just before it slipped out. His low-hanging balls slapped against my arse with each inward stroke. I arched my back even further, inviting him to go deeper, if that were possible. There was no pain now, just pleasure.

I let out a series of long, satisfied moans, and Sage answered with low gentle groaning of his own. His fucking alternated between hard and fast and slow and gentle, taking me to a point where I thought I would have to scream for him to stop as the intensity was too much, then bringing me down to a warm, wonderful, squirming pleasure.

Orgasm grew nearer, despite my cock not having been touched. This was a completely new sensation for me. I cried out as my body began to shake with ecstasy, and then almost screamed as I came, pushing back against his length one last time, as cum sprung from my cock, the first long jet hitting the head board, the next two spraying across the covers.

Sage pulled himself free and I saw the condom land on the caret next to the bed. He continued to moan as he pleasured himself, then with a roar he came across my back. I felt and heard his cum splatter across my skin, drenching me in thick, warm liquid.

We lay side-by side on the bed, breathing heavily, neither speaking for a few minutes.

“We will take longer net time.” Sage said. “I just needed to fuck you. I’ve thought of that arse of yours every day since I saw you naked.”

“What happened after I left that night? I asked. “Tell me about Justice and why he came to see you. Tell me everything.”

“Timothy, I’m more than two thousand years old, there isn’t time to tell you everything.”

“Well, explain that bit first,” I said. “How can you be that old. What exactly are you?”

Sage sighed. “I have already told you what I am. I am half human and half god. My mother was a human, a member of a nomadic tribe, my father was a creature of spirit. She told me that he came to her one night, how at first she resisted him, but eventually welcomed him, relished the sensation of him entering her, leaving his seed inside her.”

“I’m glad my mother never talks to me like that,” I said.

Sage sat up and glared at me. I was suddenly frightened, aware again of his strength and power.

“Sorry,” I said. “Go on.”

Sage continue to glare at me for a second or two, then settled back into a horizontal position.

“I grew faster than a normal human. By the time I was six I was five feet tall and able to converse with the tribe leaders. And when I turned eight, I began to exhibit some of my special talents—immense strength and the ability to move at rapid speeds. The tribe became frightened of me and I was banished. My mother wanted to come with me but I knew I’d survive easier on my own and, hours before I was due to leave the tribe, I snuck away while she was sleeping and never saw her again.”

I lay listening to his story, staring up at the ceiling of the hotel room, sometimes glancing at him—that perfect profile, long lashes casting a shadow on his cheek. He really was the most beautiful man I had even seen. His words washed over me and I played them in my mind like a film. I saw him grow from boy to man, watched his seduction of endless humans, both male and female, and learned that he had the power to create a second generation of immortal beings by allowing them to drink his seed.

“Are you serious?” I interrupted. “You can make other people immortal by letting them swallow your cum?”

Sage grimaced. “Trust you to make it sound so base,” he said.

“You’re like a cum vampire,” I said, then immediately apologized as he shot me another terrifying glare.

“I have only created 10 second-generation immortals,” Sage continued. “Justice, who you met, is one of them. We were together for around a hundred years.”

“Why did you break up?” I asked.

“I met Luke,” said Sage.

“The guy that’s missing,” I said. “Did you find out what happened to him?”

“No,” said Sage. “No-one has seen or heard from him.”

“When did you last see him?” I asked.

“It was around ten years ago,” replied Sage. “We fucked in this very bed.”

I felt a surge of jealousy, but knew better than to voice it.

“He actually left me, which is rare. He said he wanted to experience life as an immortal on his own for a while. I thought he’d be back in a year or so, but I was wrong. Of course, I’ve kept myself amused with numerous human fucks along the way.”

I sat up, agitated. “Is that what I am. A quick human fuck?” I asked.

“Calm down,” said Sage. “If that’s all you were, I wouldn’t have come looking for you, would I. It’s hardly difficult for me to find willing partners.”

I was suddenly filled with panic. I was going to lose him soon. How could I possibly hold on to a creature like Sage? I felt the emptiness of loss and gripped his hand. He returned the pressure.

“Don’t worry,” he murmured. “We have plenty of time yet.”

We made love again. And this time it really felt like making love. We faced each other, my legs draped over Sage’s shoulders and he talked to me as we fucked, telling me how beautiful I was, showering my face and neck with kisses.

To be continued…

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