A Mysterious Encounter with the Mirror Man

Here’s a sexy snippet from my short novel Mirror Man. I hope it whets your appetite enough, or just gets you wet enough, to buy the whole book! At first the glass swam with mist—like a scene from one of the cheesy horror films he loved so much—but gradually the fog cleared, revealing the sameContinue reading “A Mysterious Encounter with the Mirror Man”

It Starts to Get Steamy in the Jeep in my MM Romance Hard Lessons

With Hard Lessons out on general release next Tuesday, here’s a sexy snippet to whet your appetite. Buy link at the end. “Don’t worry,” said Nathan, “I’m not pulling over so I can take advantage of you. This is the best place to park to get to the beach. We need to cut across thisContinue reading “It Starts to Get Steamy in the Jeep in my MM Romance Hard Lessons”

Trying to Get Fitter

On 1 January this year I weighed 15 stone 2 pounds, that’s 212 pounds. I wasn’t happy. Despite being unhappy, I did nothing about it until the beginning of May, when I decided enough was enough. I downloaded the Myfitnesspal app and started to log everything I ate and drank and I also began walking.Continue reading “Trying to Get Fitter”

The Opening Scene from The Black Mask

I don’t want to show Hard Lessons all the love, so here’s an exert from my earlier male/male erotic romance The Black Mask. Chapter One Sam Bradley is giving me a lecture about the latest installment of The Black Mask, the series I write for his fantasy fiction magazine, Exciting Adventurers. I don’t know why I stillContinue reading “The Opening Scene from The Black Mask”

When Did You First Realise You Were Gay? (Part 3)

I ended the last part of this tale by saying that the 12 year-old me didn’t want to think about being gay or straight. And that is partly of the problem with giving anything close to a clear-cut answer to the question I still get asked “When did you first realise you were gay?” WhenContinue reading “When Did You First Realise You Were Gay? (Part 3)”

12 Signs You are a Middle-aged Gay

You may once have been the twink that turned heads on the gay scene, but if any of these ring true, you could have become a middle-aged gay like me. 1.    You’ve become a fetish. At first, that attention from twenty-something guys is flattering, until you realise, you are the older man. You’ve joined the ranksContinue reading “12 Signs You are a Middle-aged Gay”

When Did You First Realise You Were Gay? (Part 2)

In my earlier blog I talked about the first time I remembered being aroused by a sexual explicit image of a naked guy. But was this claustrophobic encounter with an erotic image the exact point when I realised I was gay?  Or did my gay awakening start with a kiss – at the age ofContinue reading “When Did You First Realise You Were Gay? (Part 2)”

When Jake Met Nathan – the Start of My Latest Male/Male Romance

As promised, here’s the opening few pages of my latest gay erotic romance, Hard Lessons. No sex in this bit, I’m afraid but you do get to see the first meeting between the two hot guys who end up falling for each other. If you want to read more, you can pre-order your copy nowContinue reading “When Jake Met Nathan – the Start of My Latest Male/Male Romance”

When Did You First Realise You Were Gay? (Part 1)

“When did you first realise you were gay?” It’s the inevitable question that really shouldn’t be inevitable anymore, but it still gets asked. The woman asking this time is sincere, however, genuinely interested. It’s just her way of getting to know me, the man she’s been sat next to at a dinner party, and theContinue reading “When Did You First Realise You Were Gay? (Part 1)”

Getting My Kit Off Age 21

When I was 21 I met the editor of a gay porn mag in The Black Cap in Camden Town and told him one of my fantasies was to pose naked for a photographer. Well, a few weeks after meeting him, he turned up on my doorstep with his camera equipment and said: “Get yourContinue reading “Getting My Kit Off Age 21”

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