When Tim Met Sage – An Excerpt From Sage The Immortal

Here’s a quick snippet from my latest male male erotic romance, Sage the Immortal. Buy links at the end.

Sage was standing close to a group of pasty-faced Goths the first time I saw him. I could tell he wasn’t one of them. His face was alert, eyes flitting from one scene to another, drinking everything in with a wry smile. He looked about my age, although even on that first meeting I could tell he was older—I had no idea just how much older. Tasha had gone to buy some art supplies in the West End, so I was wandering alone, otherwise I would have been nudging her and surreptitiously nodding in his direction. He was beautiful. His skin was pale like that of the Goths, but it glowed as if he was standing under a spotlight, and his shoulder- length hair had a rich, glossy tone, not the dirty charcoal color created by a home-dye kit. He wore tight black jeans, a white dress shirt and a long dark coat—pretty standard attire for Camden Market in the 80s, but he wore them well, majestically, like a wealthy lord who’d decided to rough it for a day.

            I actually gasped when I realized he was looking at me. This was the point when I would normally panic, blush and hurry away, only to fantasize later about the sexual encounter that could have been, if I hadn’t behaved like such a coward. But I couldn’t look away. I don’t mean this in a romantic sense, although romance was definitely in the mix, I mean I literally couldn’t look away. And when he smiled and gestured for me to come over, I did.

            Two things struck me about him as I drew close, first his musky, smell. I can’t remember someone’s natural odor turning me on before, but the scent of Sage made my cock stir. Secondly, his lop-sided smile that creased just one cheek and revealed perfect white teeth. His soft, throaty voice also lived up to expectations, and lust churn in my stomach as he said “Hello”.

            We must have swapped names, because by the time he was steering me through the Camden crowds, his hand resting on the small of my back, I was calling him Sage and he was using my name in pretty much every sentence, as if he knew hearing it uttered in his lived-in voice made my heart, and something else swell. I still can’t remember how I went from a shy “hello” to heading to his home—I hadn’t done more than kiss a guy up until that point and that had been a boy at college whose breath smelt of cheese and onion flavored crisps.  I was a late starter when it came to sex. I wasn’t out the closet to anyone other than my sister and a few close female friends.  But here I was being led to a stranger’s home, I assumed for sex, although I don’t think this had been mentioned.

            Sage took me to a basement flat on a road off the main high street. It was squat-like but with a hint of decadence. The musky smell that clung to Sage swamped the space and I grew hard. He led me to a dark room, cluttered with old furniture, including a table and chairs that could have been bought from the market, and a large four-poster bed with curtains so ragged they looked like cobwebs. 

            “You can put your clothes over there,” he said, gesturing towards a faded green armchair, and removing his coat with several small shrugs. 

            “You’re assuming a lot,” I said with a nervous laugh.

            “So, you don’t want sex?” he asked, staring at me with his dark, inquisitive eyes.

            I laughed again and looked at the floor. Sage grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to him.         

            “That is why you’re here, isn’t it?” he said, lips brushing my forehead as he spoke.

            I was torn between melting into his arms and having a full-blown panic attack. 

Sage lifted my chin and kissed me on the lips; it wasn’t a gentle peck, it was forceful, his teeth biting down on my lower lip and tugging. I opened my mouth and his tongue invaded. Mine reacted, but it felt clumsy and fat compared to his. He pulled me towards the bed.

            “Wait!” I was suddenly the cowardly version of myself again. Not able to make this jump from shy virgin to the kind of man that had sex with a stranger.

            “What now?” he asked, and he took hold of my hand and placed in against his bare chest – he’d unbuttoned his shirt to the navel, revealing a slender, toned physique, as pale as his face. His skin was warm, which made me smile. I’d half expected to feel the cold skin of a vampire. He had that quality, and the flat was like something from a Gothic novel. Sage let out a short burst of laughter and dropped my hand. 

            “I’m much more ancient than that,” he said.

            “What?” I stared into those almost black eyes. 

            Sage grinned. “I’m not a vampire. I’m much more than a vampire. In some parts of the world people actually worship me.”

            “Yeah right,” I said. “So, you’re like a god, but you live in a squat in Camden.”

            “I enjoy a bit of squalor every now and again. I like little crawl spaces like this—holes to hide in, and take my conquests,” he kissed my cheek as he said this, and again pulled me towards the bed.

            “No,” I said, and backed away, although part of me was desperate to be naked with this beautiful, strange man. “I’m sorry, it’s too quick. Maybe we could meet tomorrow. Go for coffee or a drink?”

            Sage scowled and flapped his hand in a gesture of dismissal.

            “You look like a man but you are still a baby,” he said.

            I caught sight of myself in a full-length, speckled mirror on the other side of the bed. My short dark hair was clammy with sweat, probably a result of nerves, and my freckled face was burning red. I was also slouching—a habit I had developed when I reached six-foot and wanted to remain invisible. As Sage said, I looked like a man who was still a kid. Scared to make the leap into adulthood.

            “Go,” he said, and flapped his hand again. “I’ll find someone else to keep me company.”

            Despite knowing Sage for less than half an hour, this hurt. I didn’t want him to find someone else. I was actually jealous. But I was also scared and I felt hemmed in and pressured. Embarrassed by the tears that were brimming onto my cheeks, I turned and hurried from the flat.

            I ran through Camden Town, crying with frustration and also anger at the way Sage had dismissed me. Who did he think he was? Acting like he was royalty, when he was just some Camden Goth living in a dump.

            But even then, I knew this wasn’t true. Sage was different. Maybe not the demi-god he pretended to be, but something more than human. Those eyes, that smell and the way he’d captured me so easily. 

            When I reached my sister’s flat, I fell onto the sofa and sobbed. I felt ridiculous. I could have finally lost my virginity to a man who made me hard at first sight. But I’d run away like a frightened child, back to the safety of my sister’s home. I considered returning to the musty-smelling apartment, telling him I was ready, letting him pull me onto the bed and undress me. But I didn’t of course. As always, I sat and pined over what could have been. When Tasha came home, laden down with her new art supplies, I put on a brave face and suggested we get a Chinese take-away. Same old routine.

            I didn’t expect to see Sage again. 

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Meet My Sexy New MM Romance Hero – Sage the Immortal

Just when you thought you had time to cool off before my next release – Sage the Immortal arrives, and he’s a lusty demi-god with a taste for both the sordid and the luxurious.

This one is available exclusive through Amazon – buy links at the end.

When Tim meets Sage in London’s Camden Town one Saturday he can hardly believe the beautiful, dark-eyed man is interested in him. He knows from the outset that Sage isn’t like other men but he has no idea just how different this handsome stranger is.

Sage is, in fact, a 2,000-year-old demi-god, with super powers and a string of exes, one of whom, the gorgeous Justice, shows up at the most inappropriate times.

Tim is drawn into a world of stunning immortals, dangerous relationships and a love affair that will test his patience to the end.

A short, sexy gay erotic romance, perfect for two hours of intense pleasure and intrigue.

Want to know if it all works out for Sage and Tim? Here’s where you can buy Sage The Immortal.

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Mirror Man is Coming Soon – Hope You Will be Too

Here’s the official blurb for my latest male male erotic romance, Mirror Man. It will be available to pre-order from the Pride Publishing website on 5 November and on general release from 17 December.

When Alfie moves to a Victorian cottage in the wilds of the Devon countryside, he’s looking for a fresh start and some solitude. However, soon after moving into his new home, he begins to have vivid dreams about a stunningly handsome stranger, who appears to be trapped inside an antique mirror that hangs on the wall in the living room.

To add to his confusion, Alfie is also visited by his young landlord, who seems to know more about the man in the mirror than he wants to reveal.

Alfie finds himself torn between two men, one who seems like perfect boyfriend material, the other a mystical force of nature, desperate to be freed from his magical prison.

General Release Date: 17th December 2019

If you enjoy reading sexy stuff, please check out my male/male erotic romance novellas The Black Mask and Hard Lessons. They are available direct from the publisher’s website or from Amazon UK and Amazon USA, and other online sellers.

Trying to Get Fitter

Photo by Natasha Spencer on Pexels.com

On 1 January this year I weighed 15 stone 2 pounds, that’s 212 pounds. I wasn’t happy. Despite being unhappy, I did nothing about it until the beginning of May, when I decided enough was enough. I downloaded the Myfitnesspal app and started to log everything I ate and drank and I also began walking. This was the best decision ever. Not only did I discover parts of Hampstead Heath I’d never seen before, I started to feel better. Less anxious and stressed. I also lost weight.

I weigh myself once a week, usually on a Thursday, and that becomes my official weight. Last Thursday I was 13 stone 7. I’m now averaging around 17,000 steps per day. In January my average was 4,000.

I still need to lose another stone (14 pounds) to be happy, but I’m getting there. Next month I have signed up for the no-drinking charity initiative Stoptober, so hoping that will have a big impact on my weight loss.

Just thought I’d share a bit of personal stuff – can’t always be about my early sex life! Although, I promise I will make the next blog sexy.

Sex with a Stranger on a Train – Well, Almost…

Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

Earlier, I shared my first sexual encounter with my college friend, Jez. My next brush with sex wouldn’t happen for two years. It seems unbelievable that someone could reach the age of 19 with only one hand-job in their sexual history. But I was shy and didn’t know any other gay people. 

Anyway, the next encounter happened on a tube train. It was early on either a Saturday or Sunday morning. I’d been to an all-night film marathon at the Scala Cinema in Kings Cross and was heading to my parents’ house at the end of the Central Line.

I’d dozed off and woke to find a handsome mixed-race guy sitting opposite me. I’d guess he was in his thirties. He was definitely quite q bit older than me. He smiled and began to chat, asking me about my night. Eventually he moved to sit next to me and asked if he could touch my cock.

I was taken aback. I hadn’t experienced such an open request for sex from a stranger before. Certainly not on a train. At first, I acted indignant and said no. But within a few minutes I had taken his hand and placed it in my lap. He took my knob out and began to jerk me off. I was excited and nervous. What if someone else got on the train? What if the guy currently tossing me off was a psychopath? What if I came all over my jumper and had to face my parents with a front full of cum

His cock was huge. I only felt it briefly as someone else did board the carriage, just as my hand had slid inside his jeans. But I still remember that hard slab of meat. The guy getting on the train glanced in our direction while my cock was still fully in view, and hastily looked away. I reluctantly pushed my length back into my pants and zipped myself up. No orgasm for me on this occasion.

We swapped numbers, but I never heard from him again. 

When I arrived at my parents’ house my mother asked if I was feeling okay. Apparently I looked a little flushed.

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A Sexy Excerpt from Hard Lessons

Yesterday I offered you an erotic excerpt from my male/male romance The Black Mask, today its the turn of my other gay romance novella Hard Lessons which is available to pre-order now. Enjoy. Buy links at the end of the post.

Excerpt from Hard Lessons

Sunlight was streaming through the huge window when Jake opened his eyes. He could have closed the blinds so that the day wouldn’t have infringed on his sleep, but he was glad he hadn’t. He glanced at his phone, which sat on a small bedside table. It was only seven a.m. He thought about getting dressed and sneaking out of the house alone. He wasn’t sure lunch with Nathan was such a great idea after the knee-rubbing of the previous night, but his new boss had suggested it would be a good chance to talk about how the lessons were going to pan out. Also, if Jake were honest with himself, he liked the idea of spending time with Nathan.

There was no denying he was attracted, but getting involved with Nathan would be a bad idea on so many levels. First of all, Jake was still reeling from his break-up with Matt, and second, Nathan Foley was his boss and student for the next two months. They needed to establish a professional relationship.

As if Nathan could hear his thoughts, there came a knock on the door and the man’s husky voice calling.

“Jake, are you awake?”

Jake froze. Should he keep quiet, pretend to be sleeping or invite Nathan into his bedroom?

The knock came again.

“Yes, come in,” called Jake, making sure the quilt was pulled up to his neck.

Nathan opened the door. He was dressed in a white bath robe that only came down to an inch above his knees. It gaped open at the top, revealing a chest covered in dark hair.

“Morning,” he said. “I’ve made coffee and wondered if you wanted some.” He was holding two mugs in his left hand, one finger looped through the handles.

“Yeah, that would be great,” said Jake, shifting into a sitting position. The quilt dropped down to his waist, revealing his smooth, toned torso. He thought about pulling the quilt up to his neck again but decided it would make him look too paranoid.

“If you’re up for it, I thought we could head over to this beach I know,” said Nathan. “It’s really isolated and would be a great place to walk and chat and build up an appetite for lunch.”

Nathan sat on the end of Jake’s bed, handing him one of the mugs. Jake took it, feeling a flush spread from his face down to his chest.

How did Nathan go from the stony-faced interviewer of just a few days ago to this affable man who brings me coffee in bed?

“That sounds like a plan,” said Jake, unable not to look at Nathan’s exposed chest, one dark nipple clearly visible where the top of the robe hung loose.

“Excellent,” said Nathan, standing. As he moved, his robe momentarily shifted and Jake had to suppress a gasp at the brief glimpse he had of Nathan’s cock. Even while flaccid, it was long and thick, hanging between Nathan’s firm thighs. Jake hastily averted his gaze, although Nathan’s dick had already disappeared behind the robe.

“See you in about an hour?” Nathan gave him a questioning look.

“Sure,” said Jake, needing Nathan to leave so that he could fantasize about that cock while he masturbated. There was no way he could get through an entire day without responding to the sight of that amazing dick.

As the bedroom door clicked closed, Jake threw back the quilt and grabbed hold of his already hard length, jerking it aggressively as he imagined Nathan sitting on the end of his bed, robe fully open, revealing his entire manly body and that suckable dick, gradually growing hard.

Jake came in several thick gushes, covering his stomach and chest. He lay back, breathing heavily, still thinking of Nathan, now imagining his boss leaning across the bed and kissing him on the lips. A familiar warm feeling spread through his body and Jake realized he was developing more than simple feelings of lust for Nathan Foley. This is going to be a confusing and potentially exciting two months.

If you enjoy reading sexy stuff, please check out my male/male erotic romance novellas The Black Mask and Hard Lessons. They are available direct from the publisher’s website or from Amazon UK and Amazon USA, and other online sellers.

My First Experience of Gay Sex

Photo by Jaymantri on Pexels.com

Your first time is meant to be special, right? But in many cases it’s anything but. I remember mine clearly. It was with a boy in my sixth-form college called Jez. Jez was a loud and proud, out gay guy – a brave thing to be in 1986. He was 19, I was 18. He spent most of the year we were in college together trying to force me out of the closet – but I just wasn’t ready. I was a very insecure kid, and being honest about my sexuality just wasn’t an option for me.

I didn’t fancy Jez at all, but apart from an even camper guy in the same year as him, he was the only gay person I knew. So, one June day I called him up and suggested I go round to his to revise for our drama exam.

We ended up in his bedroom, sitting on his bed and it wasn’t long before he started quizzing me about my sexuality. He showed me a gay porn mag and I grew hard, hoping he wouldn’t notice. But he did. He unzipped my fly and I didn’t stop him. That’s why I was there really, after all. I don’t think we even bothered taking out and books to revise.

Soon we had both removed our trousers and underwear and Jez was teaching me the wonders of mutual masturbation. His was the first hand to grip my erect cock and his was the first dick I ever felt. I was shocked at how big it was – it was bigger than mine, and I’m not small. I was also struck by how loose the foreskin felt as my hand slid up and down his shaft.

I asked if I could suck his cock and he said not to move too fast. Next thing I was coming into a hankie that he offered me for that purpose and not long after he was spurting into the same crusty piece of material.

Jez had barely finished wiping himself clean when he suggested I leave. He made some excuse about his dad being due home soon, but I knew he just wanted rid of me. He’d achieved his goal of outing me and had no further interest. 

I left feeling used and full of self-loathing. Not how you want to feel after your first sexual encounter. 

Sure enough, when I returned to college the next year everyone seemed to know about my experience. Jez had made sure he told the biggest gossips so that word would spread fast. I wish I’d had the confidence to be brazen and front it out, but sadly, I recoiled into myself even more and that last year of college was a fairly lonely one.

A funny side note  – the porn mag Jez showed me that day was the title I ended up posing for some four years later, and the editor became my partner for four years. You just never know where life is going to take you.

If you enjoy reading sexy stuff, please check out my male/male erotic romance novellas The Black Mask and Hard Lessons. They are available direct from the publisher’s website or from Amazon UK and Amazon USA, and other online sellers.

A Steamy Snippet from The Black Mask

The last excerpt I posted from my male/male erotic romance, The black Mask, contained no sex, this one is a bit more steamy and likely to get you hot under the collar. Enjoy. Buy links are at the end of the post. Its only 99p/99c.

Excerpt From The Black Mask

On the wall above the TV is a poster of my creation, The Black Mask. Sam had a limited number designed by a comic book artist friend of his. He’s sold about a hundred so far and I get royalties on each sale. The Black Mask is crouching, ready to pounce, his tight, muscular body encased in black material. He has bulging biceps, thighs and pecs that threaten to burst through the fabric and more than a hint of something else bulging between those thighs. How can Sam deny The Black Mask is at least a bit gay? And did Sam specify how big to make that bulge?

Although his face is completely covered by his mask, I feel like he is watching me, which I find strangely erotic as I unzip the fly of my jeans and begin massaging my erect cock through the cotton of my white briefs. My cock is big, at least eight inches, and uncut. Its purplish-red head is already poking from above the waistband of my briefs, leaking pre-cum onto my flat stomach. I don’t work out much, but I run and eat healthily, so I have a fit, slim body, even if I do say so myself.

I push my jeans and briefs down to below my waist and begin stroking my cock. It’s hot and so solid. I grip it hard, squeezing out more pre-cum, which forms a weblike string between my stomach and cockhead.

I fantasize about Sam standing behind his desk, massaging his dick through his gray trousers. He’s glaring at me like I’ve really pissed him off, like he resents how horny he’s feeling. Suddenly I feel stupid, masturbating over a guy that will never look at me in that way. I should be out trying to meet other gay guys, not lying in my room jerking off over a straight man.

I’m distracted by a movement across the room. I stop masturbating and stare at the poster of The Black Mask. He is no longer crouching. He is standing and that bulge in his black-clad crotch is definitely a huge, hard cock.

“What the—?”

Then he leans forward and his head and shoulders protrude for real out of the poster, solid and three-dimensional. Now the poster is glowing like a TV screen with the brightness level turned up to the max.


He reaches down with a leather-gloved hand and begins to rub his massive boner through the thin fabric of his skin-tight suit. Incredibly, it grows even bigger, and it, too, is now solid and three-dimensional, bursting from the surface of the poster.

Suddenly my bedroom door flies open and Jules is standing there, still naked.

“Sorry,” he says, “but do you have any lube?”

I release a jet of cum, which spatters across my stomach and chest, drenching my T-shirt and barely missing my face. I look from Jules, who seems impressed as much as embarrassed, back to the poster. The Black Mask is crouching again and the poster is just a poster.

“Wow,” says Jules. “Something certainly got you horny. You should have just joined us.”

I’m so shocked by what has just happened that I don’t even bother trying to cover my cum-soaked body, despite the fact that Jules is still standing in my bedroom doorway waiting for a response to his request. When I glance back at him, I notice he is fully hard and tugging on his balls.

If you enjoy reading sexy stuff, please check out my male/male erotic romance novellas The Black Mask and Hard Lessons. They are available direct from the publisher’s website or from Amazon UK and Amazon USA, and other online sellers.

My Trip to Hampstead Heath’s Gay Cruising Area

Those of you who follow me on Twitter know I love to walk over Hampstead Heath. It’s such a beautiful place, an oasis of green in the middle of a massive city. But as well as its wholesome side – the dog-walkers, joggers and families having fun – the Heath also has a sexy reputation.

Tucked away behind Jack Straws Castle – once a pub, now luxury apartments – is the gay cruising area. I’ve only ever been once, many years ago when I was in my mid-twenties. I went on impulse with a guy I knew from a bar in Camden Town. 

I’d heard about The Heath, and I was curious. It was around midnight but the trees and bushes were alive with men having sex. I sucked off the friend I’d gone with for a while to get us in the mood, and then we split up to see what delights The Heath had to offer.

I’d love to tell you I had an incredible experience, getting sucked off by a gorgeous stranger, or fucked from behind while I hugged a tree, but I actually found the experience disconcerting. I didn’t know the etiquette – how you said yes or no to someone. I ended up surrounded by men of all shapes sizes and ages, all groping me and placing my hands on their cocks. I walked away and called out for the guy that had brought me who luckily was happy to leave with me and drive me home.

For me, my trip to the cruising area of The Heath was a good example of reality not living up to fantasy. But you have to give these things a go, right?

Tell me in the comments about some of your experiences.

If you enjoy reading sexy stuff, please check out my male/male erotic romance novellas The Black Mask and Hard Lessons. They are available direct from the publisher’s website or from Amazon UK and Amazon USA, and other online sellers.

What’s Your Sexual Fantasy?

Photo by Download a pic Donate a buck! ^ on Pexels.com

Considering this is the blog of a gay erotic romance writer, I haven’t talked much about sex or erotica, and only a little about romance. So, today, I want to talk a little about sexual fantasies.

My ultimate fantasy is being watched while I have sex, or even just performing for someone – someone I wouldn’t actually want to have sex with. They’d be made to watch from a distance, maybe taking images, while I pleasured myself.

I enjoy the odd session of cam sex, which is probably the closest I get to the above. It’s a great way to let off steam, with no fuss or the need for small talk when you’ve finished. In my third book with Pride Publishing there is a scene where Alfie, the handsome young protagonist, jerks off with a gorgeous man trapped inside a mystical mirror. This scene was basically a magical version of a web cam wank.

I’d love to hear about what turns you on, so please feel free to comment.

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