Sex with a Stranger on a Train – Well, Almost…

Earlier, I shared my first sexual encounter with my college friend, Jez. My next brush with sex wouldn’t happen for two years. It seems unbelievable that someone could reach the age of 19 with only one hand-job in their sexual history. But I was shy and didn’t know any other gay people.  Anyway, the nextContinue reading “Sex with a Stranger on a Train – Well, Almost…”

A Sexy Excerpt from Hard Lessons

Yesterday I offered you an erotic excerpt from my male/male romance The Black Mask, today its the turn of my other gay romance novella Hard Lessons which is available to pre-order now. Enjoy. Buy links at the end of the post. Excerpt from Hard Lessons Sunlight was streaming through the huge window when Jake openedContinue reading “A Sexy Excerpt from Hard Lessons”

My First Experience of Gay Sex

Your first time is meant to be special, right? But in many cases it’s anything but. I remember mine clearly. It was with a boy in my sixth-form college called Jez. Jez was a loud and proud, out gay guy – a brave thing to be in 1986. He was 19, I was 18. HeContinue reading “My First Experience of Gay Sex”

A Steamy Snippet from The Black Mask

The last excerpt I posted from my male/male erotic romance, The black Mask, contained no sex, this one is a bit more steamy and likely to get you hot under the collar. Enjoy. Buy links are at the end of the post. Its only 99p/99c. Excerpt From The Black Mask On the wall above theContinue reading “A Steamy Snippet from The Black Mask”

My Trip to Hampstead Heath’s Gay Cruising Area

Those of you who follow me on Twitter know I love to walk over Hampstead Heath. It’s such a beautiful place, an oasis of green in the middle of a massive city. But as well as its wholesome side – the dog-walkers, joggers and families having fun – the Heath also has a sexy reputation.Continue reading “My Trip to Hampstead Heath’s Gay Cruising Area”

What’s Your Sexual Fantasy?

Considering this is the blog of a gay erotic romance writer, I haven’t talked much about sex or erotica, and only a little about romance. So, today, I want to talk a little about sexual fantasies. My ultimate fantasy is being watched while I have sex, or even just performing for someone – someone IContinue reading “What’s Your Sexual Fantasy?”

Age is Just a Number – But Let’s be Realistic

Maybe it’s a gay thing, but I am a bit of an age fascist when I watch films. Not in a sexist way or anything. It just bugs me when I’m watching a film where, for example, the supposed teenage son is about thirty-five years-old.  It’s made me think about some of the classic filmsContinue reading “Age is Just a Number – But Let’s be Realistic”

The Opening Scene from The Black Mask

I don’t want to show Hard Lessons all the love, so here’s an exert from my earlier male/male erotic romance The Black Mask. Chapter One Sam Bradley is giving me a lecture about the latest installment of The Black Mask, the series I write for his fantasy fiction magazine, Exciting Adventurers. I don’t know why I stillContinue reading “The Opening Scene from The Black Mask”

When Did You First Realise You Were Gay? (Part 3)

I ended the last part of this tale by saying that the 12 year-old me didn’t want to think about being gay or straight. And that is partly of the problem with giving anything close to a clear-cut answer to the question I still get asked “When did you first realise you were gay?” WhenContinue reading “When Did You First Realise You Were Gay? (Part 3)”

12 Signs You are a Middle-aged Gay

You may once have been the twink that turned heads on the gay scene, but if any of these ring true, you could have become a middle-aged gay like me. 1.    You’ve become a fetish. At first, that attention from twenty-something guys is flattering, until you realise, you are the older man. You’ve joined the ranksContinue reading “12 Signs You are a Middle-aged Gay”

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