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Howling at the Moon Chapter 2

Chapter Two

By the time he was sitting in the living room in front of an open fire, sipping coffee, Alex had become more rational. Harry, who sat across from him in a similarly comfy armchair, legs stretched in front of him and crossed at the ankles, had not actually made a move, he’d simply brought him the robe, as promised. Everything else had been Alex’s wishful thinking. And as for the stunning young man, who Harry had introduced as Even, his son, what on Earth made Alex think this beautiful creature would be interested in him? He was probably dating some gorgeous local girl.

            “Coffee okay?” asked Sally, who was sitting on a couch a little further from the fire than the two armchairs. Evan was loitering by a large bay window, glaring out at the rain as if it has personally offended him in some way.

            “It’s great thanks,” said Alex, trying not to make his admiration of her son too obvious.

            Sally glanced in her son’s direction. “Evan gets restless when he can’t be outside. He doesn’t like to be penned in. Charlotte, his sister, is the opposite. It’s a job to get her to leave her bedroom.”

            “I was the same when I was a teenager,” said Alex.

            “Oh, Charlotte’s not a teenager,” laughed Sally, She’s twenty-three—four years older than Evan.

            Alex was shocked to discover the most recent object of his desire was so young. He brooded like a teenager, for sure, but his build and the look in those eyes, had suggested someone older.

            “I may go out anyway,” said Even, turning towards them. “See if I can get dad’s car started.”

            “You’ll get drenched,” said his father. “Wait half an hour. If the rain stops you can walk Alex as far as the car and then direct him the rest of the way to the station. If you manage to get the car started without any trouble, you could give him a lift.”

            “Sure,” said Even, and there was something strange in his tone, as if he was questioning the very idea of Alex heading off for the station any time soon.

            When did you develop such an overactive imagination? Alex asked himself. First you think the dad wants to fuck you, now the son is planning to keep you prisoner in the wilds of Devon.

            “Let’s see what the weather is doing in half an hour,” said Harry, without looking at his son.

            Evan shrugged and returned to glaring out the window.

            The living-room door burst open and a young woman with long dark hair, wearing a short floral dress, almost danced into their presence. 

            “Oh!” she ejected on seeing Alex. “A guest!”

            “This is Alex,” said Sally. Did Alex detect a warning lilt in her voice, or was it just his imagination again. “Alex this is our daughter, Charlotte.”

            “Charmed,” said Charlotte, as if impersonating a girl from another era, and she flopped onto the sofa next to her mother, the energy she’d exhibited on entering the room apparently spent.

            “How long is Alex staying for?” asked Charlotte. “Did daddy find him?”

            “Just until the rains stops then he’s going to the station,” said Harry. “He needs to get home to London.”

            “I see.” Charlotte eyed Alex from under her long fringe.

            “I got caught in the rain,” said Alex, wanting to explain why he was wearing a bathrobe.

            “Daddy’s robe suits you,” said Charlotte. “Does it smell of him?”

            Alex floundered to find a suitable answer. The robe did smell of Harry, and despite his affections now being focused on Evan, having the Harry-scented material up against his own skin was a turn-on.

            Jesus, what has happened to me? I’m on heat!

            “Daddy always smells good,” said Charlotte.

            “Come and help me make some sandwiches,” said her mother, practically yanking her from the couch. Charlotte went with several squeals of protest. Alex wondered if she had a condition of some kind. She was not like any twenty-three year-old he’d ever met. And why was she so obsessed with the way her own father smelt?

            “Don’t mind Charlotte,” said Harry. “She is rather eccentric. We’re a bit isolated here and she doesn’t mix with women her own age much.”

            “Not even at work?” asked Alex.

            “She doesn’t have a job,” said Harry. “Apart from doing bit and pieces for me. I own a business, but it practically runs itself these days.”

            Alex was about to enquire further into Harry’s line of work, but a loud crack of thunder, closely followed by a blinding flash of lightning ended the conversation.

            “Oh dear,” said Harry. “Perhaps we should get the spare bed ready.”

            “No,” said Even. “It’s only midday. There’s hours for it to clear up.”

            Alex was hurt that Even so obviously wanted shot of him. Alex would have loved the chance to get to know the surly young man better, even if his family were a little weird.

            Sally bustled back into the room, carrying a tray heaped with sandwiches cut into neat triangles. Charlotte followed with a second tray, this one containing an assortment of cakes and biscuits. They set both trays down on a sturdy, wooden coffee table in front of the sofa.

            “Mother obviously thinks you need feeding up,” said Charlotte, winking at Alex, who wasn’t sure what the comment implied.

            “He’s got a long journey ahead of him,” said Sally, handing Alex a small plate. “Help yourself, Alex. It’s a long old walk to the station, so you’ll need the energy. Your clothes are dry, by the way. Have some sandwiches and then you can pop upstairs and get dressed.”

            “Thanks.” Alex was now even more aware that he was wearing a bathrobe and underpants in a room of fully clothed strangers. “Actually, would it be okay if I got dressed now?”

            “No rush,” said Harry. “Have something to eat first.”

            “Of course,” said Sally. “Come with me. I’ll get them for you.”

            “Let him eat!” snapped Harry, leaning forward and pushing a plate of sandwiches towards Alex. Something flickered in his eyes, like a match flaring into life, only to die within seconds.

            “No problem.” Alex took one of the bread triangles and politely nibbled it. The filling was some kind of meat pate. No-one had asked if he ate meat. What if he’d   been vegetarian?

            Harry watched Alex eat for a moment, licking his lips in a slow, deliberate manner, then plucked a sandwich from the tray and devoured it in two bites.

            Alex was suddenly aware of Even leaning over the table and helping himself to three sandwiches, which he placed on a plate, before returning to his spot by the window. He reminded Alex of an animal, grabbing a piece of the kill and taking it a safe distance away from the pack.

            He must have been aware of Alex watching him and glanced over, resting his gaze on Alex’s face for a moment, before turning back to the window. Alex allowed himself a quick perusal of that beautiful arse, wrapped in tightly clinging denim, before turning to Sally.

            “Thanks for looking after me like this. I didn’t know people like you still existed.”

            Sally smiled. “It’s just a few sandwiches.”

            “Well, I really appreciate it.”

            Another crash of thunder made Alex jump. Harry laughed, his face suddenly lit by the flash of lightning that filled the skies. 

            “Nothing to be scared of,” he said, still grinning. Alex couldn’t remember when he had found someone simultaneously creepy and sexy. A few crumbs had dropped on Alex’s lap. He saw Harry notice them, then lean forward. 

            “Just brush them onto the floor,” said Harry, and to Alex’s amazement, he began to stroke the crumbs from his lap, has large hand blatantly rubbing again Alex’s crotch. Alex just froze and stared at the hand as it continued to brush, now non-existent crumbs, onto the carpet. Surely Sally or one of his children would say something.

            “Anyone want more coffee?” asked Sally, cheerily.

            Finally Harry sat back. “That would be lovely, Darling,” he said, passing over his mug.

            “Alex?” asked Sally.

            Alex looked up at her, his face burning. “What?” 

            “More coffee?” Sally was smiling sweetly, as if her husband hadn’t just stroked the crotch of a stranger in front of her.

            “No thank you,” replied Alex. “I really should get dressed and head off.” But despite his shock and unease, Alex was developing a hard-on. He hoped his aroused state wouldn’t be too obvious.

            “In this weather” laughed Charlotte. “You’ll drown before you get to the end of the drive.”

            “I’d like to get dressed anyway,” said Alex, standing and following Sally to the living-room door, ensuring the robe was covering his semi-erect cock.

            “No problem,” she said. “Your clothes are in the kitchen.”

            He heard Harry chuckling, and was ashamed to admit the sound of his deep laughter and the memory of his hand stroking his cock through the towelling robe made him swell with pleasure. Why hadn’t he slapped Harry’s hand away? And why was he so consumed with attraction for him, when there was something so unpleasant about him? His attraction to the beautiful, surly Even was completely understandable, but why this draw to Harry?

            The kitchen was large and old-fashioned, with a stone floor and a heavy wooden central island, over which hung an assortment of utensils. There was even an ancient-looking hearth, although it didn’t appear to have been used in a long time.

            “Here you go.” Sally handed Alex a pile of warm, dry clothes.

            “Thanks. Where can I change?”

            “You can use the bathroom where you got undressed. Or Evan’s room is next door to the bathroom, if you’d prefer to get changed there. I’m sure he wouldn’t object.”

            “The bathroom would be fine,” said Alex, already heading that way.

            As he reached the top of the stairs, he heard movement below and glanced back to see Evan standing in the hallway looking up at him. He appeared to be on the cusp of saying something, then shook his head and returned to the living-room.

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