It Starts to Get Steamy in the Jeep in my MM Romance Hard Lessons

With Hard Lessons out on general release next Tuesday, here’s a sexy snippet to whet your appetite. Buy link at the end.

“Don’t worry,” said Nathan, “I’m not pulling over so I can take advantage of you. This is the best place to park to get to the beach. We need to cut across this field.”

Jake blushed and let out a nervous laugh.

“If you want to keep our relationship strictly professional, I respect that,” said Nathan, switching off the ignition. “I promise, no more knees rubbing against your leg or inappropriate morning coffees on your bed. From now on, I’m your boss, Mr. Foley, and you’re here to teach me English. Happy with that, Jake?”

Jake looked directly into Nathan’s eyes and all resistance drained out of him.

“No,” he said. “I’m not happy with that.” And he leaned in for a kiss.

Nathan tilted his head back, avoiding Jake’s lips.

“What’s this?” he asked, his old stern expression returning. “Rules changing already?

Then Nathan was caressing both Jake’s thighs, stroking up until his thumbs were tucked around Jake’s balls.

“Shit,” breathed Jake, as Nathan pressed his lips to his. It was like being hit with a Taser. Jake wasn’t sure he could cope with the level of lust and emotion he was feeling.

“Strip for me,” said Nathan, his voice huskier than ever.

“But…” Jake nodded at the road.

“No one comes down this lane,” said Nathan, gently rubbing Jake’s cock through his jeans. “I want to see that gorgeous body of yours again. And I want to see that cock without your hands trying to cover it.”

The Jeep suddenly felt very small and hot. Nathan’s warm breath was on his face, while he massaged Jake’s crotch with his large hands. Jake couldn’t remember when he’d last been this hard. He reached down to unzip his fly, but Nathan grasped his hand.

“Wait,” he said, “you’re right. This is too public. I know where we can go.”

Nathan started the Jeep engine and accelerated with a screech of the tires. Jake fell back in his seat, cock throbbing, heart pounding.

Five minutes later they pulled up outside a cottage set back from the road and surrounded by a high hedge.

“Come on,” said Nathen, sounding breathless as he pushed open his door and headed up the pathway toward the thatched building.

“Where is this?” called Jake, torn between confusion and desperation to continue what had started.

“It belonged to my grandmother,” said Nathan, fishing a set of keys from his jacket pocket and pushing one into the lock of the cottage door. “Now it belongs to me.”

The door was barely open when Nathan caught hold of Jake’s arm and pulled him inside. He held Jake to his chest with one arm, pushing the door closed with his free hand. Jake could feel the man’s heart beating. Then Nathan was strolling across the living room, which the door opened directly onto, and sitting on a sofa next to a large brick fireplace. Just as he did in his office, he sat with his legs wide open and an arm draped around the back of the couch.

“So, am I going to get that striptease now?” he asked, staring straight at Jake.

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Published by Samuel King

Samuel King is London born and bred, and spent his twenties and thirties hanging out on the London gay scene, mixing with some true characters and even finding romance on a few occasions. Now more likely to be found eating in a nice restaurant on a Saturday night than clubbing, he also enjoys reading across many genres, and watching films—especially old horror films and romantic comedies. His erotic male/male tales are available direct from the Pride Publishing website and most online retailers.

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