Getting My Kit Off Age 21

When I was 21 I met the editor of a gay porn mag in The Black Cap in Camden Town and told him one of my fantasies was to pose naked for a photographer. Well, a few weeks after meeting him, he turned up on my doorstep with his camera equipment and said: “Get your clothes off then.”

It was a horny experience to be sure, although by this time I’d had sex with the photographer several times, so there wasn’t that thrill of being naked in front of a stranger and the cold eye of a camera lens.

Interesting fact: Back then, around 1989, UK porn mags couldn’t show erect cocks. There was a rule that they couldn’t be standing at more than 90 degrees, or something. So, when I became aroused, I had to push my boner down the side of my thigh.

The images look so amateur now, but I’m happy I did it. In the late 80s magazines like this one were the only contact many people had to the gay world so I was glad to do my bit to bring some pleasure to some isolated gay men.

I’m not sure I’d bring them quite as much pleasure if I repeated some of these poses now. Maybe that’s something for a future blog. If you’d like to see more of me aged 21, add me on Snapchat and I’ll be happy too share. Username Skingwriter.

If you enjoy reading sexy stuff, please check out my male/male erotic romance novellas The Black Mask and Hard Lessons. They are available direct from the publisher’s website or from Amazon UK and Amazon USA, and other online sellers.

Published by Samuel King

Samuel King is London born and bred, and spent his twenties and thirties hanging out on the London gay scene, mixing with some true characters and even finding romance on a few occasions. Now more likely to be found eating in a nice restaurant on a Saturday night than clubbing, he also enjoys reading across many genres, and watching films—especially old horror films and romantic comedies. His erotic male/male tales are available direct from the Pride Publishing website and most online retailers.

5 thoughts on “Getting My Kit Off Age 21

  1. Hard to believe how conservative the press was in Britain back in the 1980s! In many ways, more conservative in the press, whereas I grew up thinking the European’s (generically) were so much more liberal in many ways. But you got to do your dream and pose! Amazing! Your eyes are intense in the pose – it is classic!


      1. Dang, you were a hottie, I can see why.

        I’m new navigating my way through wordpress (even tho I had a dormant account for some time). So thanx for bearing with me. So great to find excellent content such as your blog and an author at that! I look forward to following you on WordPress.


  2. Yeah, thank you for being so interactive. I don’t understand this wordpress site exactly. It seems like there should be many more comments on excellent blogs such as yours. AND I hate Facebook so this is a great alternative for me in following such content. If you could post more on current gay trends and the latest in the science of being gay from a sociological perspective that would be great. Keep up the great work; I tip my new Fedora hat to you!! ~Ian from Michigan (gee that rhymes :)).


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